A Closer Look at Skids Plate For Off Road Trucks!

As tough as your off-road truck may be with its steel bumpers, open fender system, and other body armor, there are certain critical parts that will always be vulnerable to damage.

The underside of your truck contains some of its more critical components and is also the area likely to take a lot of trail abuse.

If you want to avoid costly damage to your truck, take a closer look at getting some off-road skid plates for its underside.

Different Skid Plates for Different Vulnerable Areas

If you want to fully protect the underside of your off-road truck to prevent damage that could leave you stranded out on the trail or in the middle of the desert, build your truck’s underside suit of armor to protect its vulnerable system.

  • Front Center Skid Plate - This plate starts just under the front bumper and covers everything under the front of the vehicle to protect the radiator, motor, mainframe, and other close-by parts from damage from the rocks below.
  • Suspension Skid Plates - Lower arm protection in the form of suspension skid plates can protect your control arms from rock damage that could affect steering or cause dangerous high-speed suspension accidents.
  • Belly Pan - Just like it sounds, the belly pan covers the midsection of the truck from the front suspension all the way back to the rear suspension as well as parts of the exhaust line. Made from one large pan or multiple smaller ones that bolt on separately, a belly pan offers maximum underbody protection for the transmission, differentials, axles, gas and oil pans, exhaust system, and all else hidden under the truck.

Choose the Right Skid Plate for the Job

Depending on what you like to do with your off-road truck, get skid plates and underbody armor made from a variety of materials to suit your need:

  • Steel - Traditionally used for a large number of skid plates, a steel plate is exceptionally strong, long-lasting, and inexpensive which makes it an ideal choice for extreme protection when rock crawling, extreme trail driving, and many other off-roading activities where the truck's underside could become seriously banged up by rocks, limbs, and more.
  • Aluminum - If weight is a consideration, skid plates made from aluminum might be a better choice. Strong and corrosion-resistant as well, aluminum skid plates weigh less than steel but can be considerably more expensive.
  • ABS Plastic - Available for lighter-weight trucks, ABS plastic skid plates are inexpensive and ideal for protecting your truck's underside from less extreme bumps and bangs. If skidding and scuffs are the type of damage you’ll encounter, a set of ABS plastic skid plates can offer just enough protection to keep your underside in great condition.

No matter what type of off-roading activities you enjoy, your truck will be exposed to terrain that could potentially cause damage, especially on its sensitive underside.

With a small investment in underbody armor like a set of skid plates, you can stave off the bangs and jolts that could leave you helpless out on the trail.

They also make a great addition to your aftermarket replacement steel bumpers and protective body armor.

Skid plates made from steel, aluminum, or even hard ABS plastic provide critical protection that can save you the cost of unexpected repairs and give you the peace of mind to go out and just enjoy your truck to the fullest!

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