Are You Really Ready To Go Off Roading On Unmarked Trails?

There comes a time in every off-roader’s life when a trail that doesn’t show up on the map pops up and generates thoughts of venturing off the trail to somewhere you've never been before.

You’ve heard it a million times that it's wiser to stay only on the marked trails, yet what fun and wonder might this new pathway offer as you head out for a day of fun in your Jeep modded with the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Grumper?

Your adventurous side keeps on nudging you, reminding you that if there’s a trail there, obviously someone is driving it even if it’s not on your map, right?

Should you expand your driving horizon and give it a try?

Before setting your map aside and turning off the known trail, consider these points about taking the road less followed and decide whether you’re ready for it.

1. You Never Know What You Might See - Or Missl

This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you come across.

On the plus side, you could end up seeing amazing things and coming across huge obstacles to put your skills and your 2020 Jeep Gladiator Grumper Front Fender System to the test.

The natural environment is incredible the first time you set your eyes on it and there’s some definite excitement to be had in the surprise of new things to climb and cross.

On the other hand, if you’re driving marked trails that are new to you and then decide to take an even more adventurous route, you could miss some incredible sights and fun obstacles on your planned route.

If heading down some unmarked trails is even a consideration when you’re going out, do your research about the area first and make sure you won’t enjoy yourself more by just following the marked route.

2. Are You Ready for What’s Actually Down That Trail?

Keep in mind when choosing an unmarked trail that depending on what you actually find, you may need to turn back as a blocked, impassable, or especially dangerous trail could be awaiting you.

While there’s always something to be said for the adventure of not knowing what to expect and pushing your limits a bit, the last thing you want to do is end up in a dangerous situation or get stuck on a remote trail where you’ll be harder to find.

3. Navigation Is Critical

Heading down a remote, less accessible trail in your Jeep with its Jeep Gladiator light fender system, you could lose your GPS and any other electronic means of navigating you usually rely on.

How are your skills with a compass and paper map?

Getting lost down an unmarked trail could prove deadly if you’re not prepared!

You’ need a reliable way to navigate out in the worst-case scenario and must be prepared with survival supplies, just in case.

4. Off-Roading Safety Comes First

A main rule of safe off-roading is following the buddy system so you’re never alone.

Traveling in a group of two or more gives you a safety net that could be life-saving as well as having plenty of muscle around to help do a quick repair or get your vehicle unstuck so you can keep going.

Even though you sometimes head down known trails by yourself these days, try that side trail you come across with at least one other vehicle.

You can enjoy the adventure together yet be there to help each other if taking that unmarked trail ends up being a wrong turn.

Be Aware of the Pros and Cons of Driving Unmarked Trails

In spite of the naysayers, if none of us followed an unmarked trail every once in a while, we’d miss out on a lot of incredible and fun things.

Heading down that trail in your new Jeep Gladiator that you immediately equipped with the Grumper and Grumper front fender system can truly be an off-roading adventure.

Just be sure you’ve done your research ahead of time and prepared for the worst in the event that things don’t go as you had hoped.

Safety and planning are always paramount, no matter where you’re headed in your Jeep!

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