Are You Using Your Off-Road Recovery Gear To The Max?

A truck winch bumper with a powerful electric winch is a recovery staple if you off-road a lot and encounter situations where you could end up stuck.

The right winch can get you out of a bind, especially if you know how to maximize its usefulness and winching power.

Do you know the different ways you can use the winch mounted on your truck bumper to get you out of a sticky situation?

Check out the different winching techniques you can use to increase winching power and take full advantage of that winch.

Reel Out the Cable for Full Power

Winch power is generated according to how much of the cable is reeled out; generally, the more cable reeled out, the more winch power you will get.

If you start out with only half the cable reeled out, you will have less power than if you start with the cable reeled out all the way or with only one layer of cable around the drum.

Knowing this, your best options for getting the most power from your winch is to either anchor to something that allows you to reel the cable out all or most of the way or accommodate so you can reel the cable out.

Double the Power By Doubling the Line

Whether you’re stuck too close to the best anchor point or you just want to have the most winching power you can to get your truck moving forward, try doubling the cable and pulling with a double line.

Using a heavy duty D-ring shackle with a snatch block at your anchor point, run the winch cable through the snatch block and then back to your truck.

Snap the clip on a sturdy tow or winching point low on the front of your truck and start carefully winching.

By extending the cable all the way and pulling from two points on the truck, you can double the load capacity of your winch versus having to start with the cable reeled out only halfway.

Triple the Power by Tripling the Line

Using the same technique as above but only tripling the line, you can increase your winching load capacity three-fold.

Again, the goal is to reel the cable out as much as possible so the winch can start out at full power; using two anchor points and two snatch blocks, you can triple the line.

Set up the first D-ring shackle and snatch block on the first anchor, a second shackle and snatch block on your truck, and then the third D-ring shackle on the second anchor.

Run the winch cable from the winch to the first anchor to the truck, and clip it to the third anchor and winch with the cable tripled.

If you use this technique, it is critical that both of your winching points are stable and you have the shackle attached to a suitable tow point on your truck, as tripling the line puts even greater stress on all of these points.

Help the Winch When You Can

Another way to get more power from your winch off the line is to gas your truck to get it rolling if you can.

This may not be possible but if it is, it can lighten the initial load on the winch and your truck battery.

Use Creative Techniques For Maximum Winch Power

The winch on your truck bumpers is a critical recovery tool to have as it provides you with a reliable way to get your truck unstuck in most situations, even without help.

Using creative techniques like double and triple line winching, you can harness all the power your winch has to give you for a smooth recovery!

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