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Basic Coil Spring Information For Off Road Trucks!

Coil springs are an essential suspension part on most off-road trucks and Jeeps today, giving the suspension much needed lift and compression required to scale different types of obstacles. Simpler than the leaf springs that used to be common on many vehicles, coil springs are easier to install and work on and function better than leaf springs. If you want to upgrade your coil springs to more durable ones, consider these important tips so you make the right choice when upgrading your off-road truck!

The Purpose of Coil Springs

Coil springs are a main part of the spring suspension systems on most vehicles and off-road trucks along with shock absorbers. The spring connects the suspension between the axle and the frame, with the shock positioned either within or near the coil. Together, the spring and shock compress and rebound to provide needed support to the suspension.

This will dampen movement to smooth the ride and protect the truck as well as those riding inside it. Coil springs provide the brute strength needed for suspension support, while shocks regulate compression and expansion of the suspension system.

Coil Spring Construction and Design

Although they all look basically the same, coil springs have different ratings and designs that make them more or less suitable for different vehicles and uses. The main considerations that dictate rating and suspension control are the coil wire diameter, the diameter of the entire spring body, and the number of coils in the spring.

Based on various designs that use these options differently, there is a wide variety of softer and stiffer choices available to provide necessary support for off-road and street needs. The right coils can enhance the performance of radius arm or multilink suspensions, giving off-roaders the ability to adjust their off-road truck suspensions quite easily to gain the desired effect.

Off-road and 4WD trucks typically use one of three spring designs: a basic coil used with an external shock; a coil strut over a shock; or a coilover strut which is like a combination coil and shock.

Coil Springs and Lift Kits

Coil springs are the main component in suspension lift kits that are commonly installed on many off-road trucks where some added height is desired. By installing longer, stiffer springs, it is possible to gain additional lift needed to increase ground clearance and permit the use of bigger, wider tires often found under steel bumpers.

Lift can also be obtained by using coil spring spacers that increase the length of the coil spring unit. Spacers used on a straight axle vehicle can sometimes cause coil bind. Replacing the coils is more preferable, especially when looking for more than just a minor amount of lift. Still, in comparison to many vehicle upgrades, lift kits that include larger, longer coil springs are quite affordable and fairly easy to install.

Coil springs are a preferred option over leaf springs as they are simpler and offer easier modification. They also provide the strength and versatility that every off-road truck or Jeep owner needs.

Whether you need a stiffer option to protect your truck better than the stock suspension or wan to install a lift kit to help with those knobby off-road tires, you can accomplish all that with the right set of coil springs. Consider your options and chose the one that will best fit your off-road truck and the trails you plan to travel!

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