Better See Fab Fours 24 Inch Wheel and Optional Ring System

Did you really like the Fab Fours wheels and optional ring inserts we displayed at SEMA?

Then follow along with Greg Higgs in this video about Fab Fours entry into the wheels business!

"Got some big news!

Fab Fours is in the wheel business - it is official!

We sneak-peeked some of these last year but now it's happening - in stock nationwide.

Limited application at first, the three HDs Ford, Dodge, and GM, and we threw Jeep in for good measure.

We're very excited about this thing: one size, one offset. 24x12 with a -51.

A stance that we love on all these trucks where you're kind of pushing that width out. From a height perspective, while 24 used to be a fringe size I think it fits just right with 40s which we will also be debuting.,

A 24x12 on a 40 gives you that same appearance as a 20 on 32 that you're getting from the factory.

That's really what we wanted, to just take this whole thing to the truck on steroids.

One of the keys to our wheel is being in stock - we're going to pull that off by keeping that limited skew count reliant on distribution.

But basically, if you've been trying to build a truck or Jeep for numerous years and you find the perfect wheel, I promise you that you're not waiting 8 weeks for that sucker.

With Fab Fours, if you want it, you're getting it Thursday!

And how are we going to keep that fresh? These rings - really cool.

Street locks have been done for a long time - this is totally different; this is about changing the style and look of the wheel.

We're going to debut this with 5 rings at the SEMA show and then continue coming out with them, quarter after quarter.

Each ring will have two layers, so this very ring would have a backer layer and a little bit of an offset that allows you two different colors.

Furthermore, we've found that just by clocking by one bolt between the layers, you get a totally different style.

So you can see out of the gate you've got a gloss wheel with our 8 machined logos around the 8 spokes.

Don't like our logo? We've got options for you.

Want to still give us some love but relocate it, you can; look at how that changes the look with just a ring - you've totally changed that.

Look at this guy. Say you like our 8 spokes but just not a fan of having so much logo-ing? Damn. Now we took off some of the sharp edges, got a whole different look, a slim profile.

Or look at this guy - big holes and this was done with the second interior layers just a little bit offset; you've got a color accent now.

Just with the quick 3 rings, you saw how versatile this wheel can be in styling your total truck transformation.

Very exciting stuff and that's what's going to allow us to keep up that value proposition of having them in stock.

We're going to look like we have 80 wheels, but it's actually just one.

And that one wheel that you want on Thursday, we've got it and you convert it to the wheel that fits your build.

Very exciting times - we're excited to be in the wheel business!"

How awesome are the Fab Fours wheels and wheel rings? Plus we've got $500 discounts right now on them - check it out here!

Fab Fours Wheel and Wheel Rings

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