Black Steel Bumpers: Protect Your Ranch Truck Without All the Frills


If you know Fab Fours, you know that we love to think outside the box. We love creating innovative and stylish products that turn heads. However, we’re no strangers to the world of work trucks. We know that style doesn’t matter when you’re working at the farm or headed to a construction site. Chances are, your truck has already seen its fair share of dents and scratches. What you need is a practical bumper that is functional and without all the frills. Enter: Fab Fours’ Black Steel bumpers.

Your ranch truck is often called upon to do heavy-duty work. That is why you need a bumper that is strong and durable. Black Steel bumpers have that signature ranch style with steel tread plating. What makes our bumpers different is that we matched every bumper to the body lines of each model truck. Say goodbye to your aftermarket bumper looking like an afterthought. Fab Fours’ Black Steel bumpers look like they were on your truck when you left the dealer. 

Black Steel bumpers aren’t one-size-fits-all. We wanted to create a bumper that was completely customizable so you can really tailor it to your specific needs. These bumpers come in full guard, pre-runner guard and no guard options.

Model shown: Chevy 1500

The options for this bumper are seemingly endless. Our Black Steel bumpers include tow hooks, are sensor compatible and come ready to equip factory fog lights. In fact, you have the option to add any of the following to your bumper:

  • A winch tray
  • Bolt-on D-Ring mounts
  • 3×3 cube lights
  • High flow lower guard
  • Light lower guard
  • A replacement front lower guard vertical plate

Our Black Steel rear bumpers are sensor compatible and retain OEM receiver hitch and wiring locations. They also come with LED reverse lights and license plate lamps.

Whatever work comes your way in 2023, know that you are prepared to handle it all with a Black Steel bumper. 

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