Body and Suspension Lifts – What Are My Lift Kit Choices?

Lift kits are popular modifications that many owners make to their off-road trucks and Jeeps as well as custom bumpers, bigger wheels, and more. Whether you just want the look of a taller truck or you need performance improvements like more ground or fender clearance, there are a few different lift kit options you can consider.

Available for just about every off-roader out there, lift kits come in various types and prices that reflect how complex the kit is and what can be accomplished with it. Before you assume you cannot afford a lift or that you can just upgrade with the least expensive kit, consider these common options so you chose the best one.

Spacer Body Lift Kits

Spacer body lift kits are simple kits that lift only the body of your off-roading truck or Jeep, increasing its ride height. If you are looking for a lift for appearance purposes which you might when choosing steel truck bumpers or if you need more fender clearance so you can add a set of bigger wheels and tires, a spacer kit may be all that you need.

Basic spacer kits include spacers that fit over the tops of your coil or leaf springs without making any actual modification to the suspension. You can also purchase spacer kits that include shock absorbers designed to soften the ride as the addition of spacers alone can result in a more jarring ride. Spacer kits are the most inexpensive option for adding between 1 and 4 inches of lift, with basic kits costing under $200.

Replacement Spring Lift Kits

If you need more than just fender clearance for bigger tires and want greater wheel articulation as well, a replacement spring lift kit is the ideal choice. These kits include longer coil springs and struts that hold the body up higher, removing the limitations of just adding spacers onto existing coils or springs.

They also provide a smoother, softer ride than spacer lift kits do. Functioning as a middle ground between spacer kits and full suspension kits, spring lift kits come in 2.5 to 6-inch lift ranges with prices that range from $200 to $1,000.

Full Suspension Lift Kits

When you need everything a lift kit can give you, including more fender clearance, greater wheel articulation, increased ground clearance, and generally a more durable suspension, a full suspension lift kit is in order. Suspension lift kits are available in many types with a variety of replacement components, depending on your needs and your budget.

In addition to longer springs and struts, full kits may include replacement control arms, track bars, radius arms, steering knuckles, and other heavy-duty parts to beef up your entire suspension, like you may do when adding a full set of steel truck bumpers.

Full suspension lift kits offer the most you can achieve with any off-roader, including lifts of 4 to 10 inches. With the number of options and components available in off-road suspension kits, they are the most complex and expensive option with prices that ranging from as little as $500 to as much as $10,000.

While price can definitely affect the mods you can make on your off-roader including things like custom bumpers or other truck bumpers, it is critical you consider both the improvements and limitations of each type of lift kit.

Choose your kit according to the improvements you need rather than allowing price alone to dictate. In many cases, there are options to suit most budgets. You may not be able to put that $10,000 full lift kit on your off-roader; however, you could find some of the improvements you need with a kit that costs less!

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