2018 Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors

Craving An Open Air Journey In Your Toyota Tacoma?

Check Out Tacoma Trail Doors from Fab Fours!

The Toyota Tacoma is a delightful off road truck, especially if it is completely modded for the outing with open air Trail Doors by Fab Fours, an amazing way for your trail riding to be absolutely thrilling!

Fabricated from first-class steel and developed in the United States at the Fab Fours S. Carolina facility, the 2018 Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors can be bolted on to give you rattle-resistant, hard-wearing, upgraded lookout capability, and a secure journey.

Shaped to adhere to the appearance and contours of the Toyota Tacoma, Fab Fours 2018 Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors come across as stylishly fresh while offering a great open air trail riding ride for passengers.

Why select Fab Fours Trail Doors for your Toyota Tacoma?

  • Exceptional Craftsmanship and Fit - Manufactured from 12-gauge steel and finished in tough two-stage flat black powder coating, the rear and front trail doors are conform like manufacturer's doors to remain secure without clinking!
  • Customizable with Add-on Gear - Fasten on front side view mirrors, non-OEM lighting, and interior speakers!
  • Fresh Unique Styling - Attract attention with a trail door totally different from the cookie-cutter doors now available!

Whenever you must find the look and functionality of open-air doors for your Toyota Tacoma but have found that other steel doors look substandard and breakable, 2018 Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors from Fab Fours are just what you need!

Tough, rugged, and eye-catching, 2018 Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors from Fab Fours are money well spent for open-style doors that lighten the cargo, improve spotting, and let you the enjoy the wind blowing thru your hair!

Fab Fours

2018 Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors - An Unforgettable Experience!