Chevy Premium Rear Bumpers

Want Replacement Rear End Security for Your Chevy 1500 or HD Truck?

Fab Fours Chevy Premium Rear Bumpers Are A Perfect Option!

When you want a non-OEM rear bumper for a Chevy 1500 or Heavy Duty truck and need it to be as useful as your truck, the Premium Series Rear Bumper developed and created by Fab Fours is equipped to satisfy your requirement!

Chevy Premium Rear Bumpers by Fab Fours afford the vital essentials you hope to find along with the powerful appeal that lets you stand out when on the trails!

Made in the U.S. at Fab Fours production plant in South Carolina, Premium Rear Bumpers for Chevy 1500 or HD trucks feature a dominating appearance that nevertheless comes with many helpful features that will make it the leading option to safeguard your Chevy 1500 or Heavy Duty truck.

What are the notable components you will have with Fab Fours Chevy Premium Rear Bumpers?

  • Aggressive Over-The-Edge Style - This is the ultimate serves-all-purposes off-roading bumpers for Chevy 1500 or HD trucks showcasing a look and performance to fulfill all your on-road and off-road desires!
  • Receiver Hitch - Integrates your Factory receiver hitch!
  • Lower Steps - Comes with steps that are lower and recovery points that are also placed lower on your Chevy 1500 or HD truck!
  • Accurate Fabrication – Thanks to Fab Fours well-known quality, the Chevy Premium Rear Bumpers are unlike any other aftermarket rear bumper on the market!

As soon as you are ready for high-class off-road add-ons for Chevy 1500 or HD trucks to have a powerful appearance with the vital elements you need for comprehensive off-road armor, your top choice is Chevy Premium Rear Bumpers by Fab Fours!

Fab Fours Premium Rear Bumpers

Strong – Classy – Primed to Respond!