Chevy ViCowl

Need Better Windshield Protection for Your Chevy 1500 or Heavy Duty Truck?

Fab Fours Chevy ViCowl - Innovative Design Plus Unrivaled Safety!


A truck mod like no other, the ViCowl by Fab Fours was developed for trail-riding and is the perfect answer whenever you want more windshield protection for your Chevy 1500 or Heavy Duty truck without impacting viewability because it is:

  • A combination visor and windshield surround in one unit that protects the windshield's border and covers the cowl space to shut out dirt and rubble while protecting against pebble damage!
  • Made from 11-gauge U.S. steel and covered in a two-stage matte black powder coating to connect closely around the windshield and over the cowl space of your Chevy 1500 or Heavy Duty truck!
  • Retains the location of the factory antenna and comes with an included roof visor to be personalized with add-on lights!

The Chevy ViCowl displays a visionary, dynamic appearance and harmonizes totally with all the other upgrades.

The Chevy ViCowl from Fab Fours is the consummate practical add-on to your off-roading truck's reinforcements to upgrade its aspect to something never seen before!

Fab Fours Chevy ViCowl

Astonishing Styling, Looks, and Security!