Polaris Off-Road Vehicle Bumpers

Your Polaris RZR Without Front End Armor?

You Can't Miss With Polaris Off-Road Vehicle Bumpers From Fab Fours!


The Polaris RZR is one of the extremely liked and thrilling SxS Utility Terrain Vehicles out there.

If you are riding the trails in a Polaris RZR, you understand how delightful these sport UTV's can be.

Recognizing how important it is to fortify your RZR's front end with a strong, durable bumper that is functional and defensive, the Polaris Off-Road Vehicle Bumpers from Fab Fours were styled with precision with the best materials to be hard-wearing and to give you all that is needed in a UTV bumper.

Fab Fours Polaris bumpers were created for the Polaris RZR with an aggressive functionality that is classy when off-road exploring. 

Anything more that Polaris Off-Road Vehicle Bumpers offer?

  • Remarkable Assembly – Built by USA employees at Fab Fours' US-based plant out of first-class 11 gauge American steel, entirely bonded throughout, and detailed in 2-part black-powder coat to be rugged, sturdy, and reliable!
  • Added Components – Ready to hold a winch with easy-to-reach placement for a Warn Axon 45 or equivalent winch, maximum power, a powerful graduated design, and optional illumination!
  • Practical Styling – Only the width of the grillwork, this compact stubby bumper offers protection for essential engine and steering components without any tire interference to fully leverage your Polaris RZR.

Before buying a non-American bumper that will not be durable, check out Fab Fours Polaris RZR bumpers and discover eye-catching, high-grade Polaris Off-Road Vehicle Bumpers at a budget-friendly amount!

Fab Fours Polaris Off-Road Vehicle Bumpers

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