Toyota Hidden Winch Mount

Want to Put In A Winch Onto Your Toyota 4Runner or Tacoma?

Save Your Factory Bumper With Fab Fours Toyota Hidden Winch Mount!


Hoping to put in a winch on your Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner but want to hold onto your original bumper?

Well, highly-regarded Fab Fours has designed a hidden winch mount for your Toyota 4Runner or Tacoma that is bolted right over the factory bumper to conceal the winch without replacing the entire bumper!

The Toyota Hidden Winch Mount from Fab Fours in South Carolina was created to install securely on your Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner bumper, keep OEM tow hooks, and comes with other additional details to turn your factory bumper into a useful one while hiding the winch.

When you want the liberty of owning a winch but not disturbing the look of your Toyota 4Runner or Tacoma, Fab Fours has created Toyota Hidden Winch Mount to have a sturdy appearance while enjoying the concealed surprise of raw strength underneath for the truck that does double duty.

What’s so appealing about the Fab Fours Toyota Hidden Winch Mount?

  • Uncommon Power - Made from hardy 3/16” plate steel designed to bolt right to the Toyota 4Runner or Tacoma for a secure fit!
  • Extra Aspects – Includes integrated D-ring mounts, integrated casing for an elective 30” light bar in a no-guard or pre-runner option!
  • Only Need A Winch – Ready to attach to your Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner to give you a secure brackets for your chosen winch while it camouflages and safeguards it to provide total usage when it is needed!

Many trucks look great with the winch placed right on a replacement bumper, though others require an increasingly civilized approach to retain its eye-turning ambiance.

With the Toyota Hidden Winch Mount by Fab Fours, you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Fab Fours Toyota Hidden Winch Mount

Form and Function For Ultimate Adventurous Spirit!