Can You Drive Your Jeep Without Doors and Mirrors?

Driving with the doors off is one of the more fun things you can do with your Jeep, something that most Jeep owners enjoy doing from time to time.

As fun as pulling your Jeep doors off and heading down the highway may seem, there’s a legal element to consider - and it’s not about your doors.

If you plan on removing doors and hitting the road even just to the beach or trails, you’ve got two choices to stay legal: know your state’s mirror laws or replace your stock doors with Jeep JL tube doors from Fab Fours!

Matched with a great aftermarket Jeep bumper, these tube doors make the perfect accessory for doorless fun that can keep you legal.

Is It Legal to Drive Without Doors?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to drive your Jeep on the road with all of your doors removed.

You won’t get stopped for having your doors off in spite of all the rumors that you've heard; however, that doesn’t mean you won’t get stopped at all.

So how can that be and what’s the big deal, you may be wondering?

The big deal and the one thing that will get you pulled over if you take off your Jeep doors is the mirrors and law enforcement does check to see whether or not you have them.

The devil is always in the details, isn’t it?

It’s All About the Mirrors

Side view mirrors are essential for safe driving, there’s no two ways about it.

Although state laws do vary with some states requiring two side view mirrors for legal street driving and others requiring only one, you can’t be on the road without the required rear and side view mirrors.

Check the laws in your state to be sure what is considered legal there.

So now there is a problem when you remove the doors from your Jeep, as the mirrors are built onto the doors.

Doors with mirrors that can be removed are certainly great for off-roading and beach driving, giving you the benefit of all that free-flowing air plus eliminating the chance of damaging your mirrors.

Unfortunately, on the road that lack of mirrors creates a huge safety hazard, which is why it’s illegal.

Stay Doorless and Legal

If you want the thrill of driving with your doors off without the risk of getting pulled over or even worse causing an accident, you need the Jeep JL tube doors made exclusively by Fab Fours.

Designed for both off-road and legal street driving, these exceptionally strong tube steel doors have mirrors built on to serve as a replacement for the factory mirrors included on the stock doors.

When you pull one set of doors off, you’ve still got two front mirrors on the Fab Fours tube steel front doors to keep you safe and legal.

Yes - You Can Drive With Your Doors Off

As long as your Jeep has the required number of side view mirrors required by your state for the traffic visibility necessary to avoid an accident, you can drive with your doors off.

If your mirrors come off with your doors, you could otherwise get stopped and fined.

Remedy that situation with the Jeep JL tube doors made by Fab Fours that are designed for both street and off-road driving.

With their built-in side view mirrors, these tube doors are nearly the same as going completely doorless and mirrorless!

Better yet, they also look great when paired with a Fab Fours replacement bumper, like the Grumper and other ingenious Fab Fours accessories and vehicle armor!

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