Christmas Is Coming – Found the Best Off-Road Present Yet?

The holidays are right around the corner; if you love off-roading or know someone who does, it’s a great time of year.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else or gift-shopping for yourself, this year there are some awesome new items for your Jeep or truck to choose from.

From upgrade parts like specialty bumpers and fenders to emergency gear and simple fun stuff for the off-road enthusiast, make the off-roader in your life happy this holiday with a gift they’ll appreciate.

Battery Booster Pack

One of the more common inconveniences that off-roaders deal with while out on the trail is dead batteries.

No matter how it happens, it can turn a day of fun into a big letdown.

A battery booster pack is an item that can save the day and is an inexpensive gift for the off-road enthusiast that will pay for itself after only one use.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

A fun day on the trail will be that much more fun with tunes on the go.

Since most of today’s vehicles have satellite tuners built in, send the off-roader in your life to the trails with the perfect music for the day with a SiriusXM Satellite radio so they can listen to their favorite channels no matter how far out into the wilds the trails take them.

Cigarette Lighter Coffee Maker

For the trail riders who enjoy camping out, getting that first cup of coffee in the morning can sometimes be a challenge.

With a battery-powered coffee pot that conveniently plugs into the cigarette lighter of any vehicle, camping on the trail just got a little more sophisticated and a lot less grouchy.

A Good Ice Scraper/Brush Combo

What is the one item that every vehicle owner needs that they keep losing, time and time again? An ice scraper!

A heavy-duty ice scraper/brush combo makes a great inexpensive gift that will come in handy on the trail, especially when all the previous scrapers are nowhere to be found.

A scraper/brush combo type is larger, too, so it’s harder to lose and will be there when it’s needed most.

Digital Compass

A compass is one of those essential items that anyone trail riding away from society for a while should have with them and know how to use, so what could be better than a digital one?

Most digital compasses do much more than just show you where you’re headed.

At less than $20, these handy devices include altimeters, stopwatches, barometers, and other essential gauges that are useful for off-roading and camping.

Automotive Electronics Adapters

For those who just need to stay connected while out on the trail, running out of device battery is a common problem.

With a selection of automotive electronics adapters and lightning cables, phones, tablets, and even laptops can be run and charged off the vehicle battery.

Off-Road Emergency Packs or Medical Kits

If there are two things that every off-road trail rider needs in their emergency gear, it’s a medical kit and an emergency pack.

You never know when someone will get injured along the way or face vehicle trouble that could leave people stranded for a while.

A quality first aid or medical kit is an invaluable, thoughtful gift.

An emergency rations pack, survival kit, or camping pack makes another great gift full of supplies that could end up saving lives in a bad situation.

Automotive Gift Certificates

For the recipient who seems to have everything they could possibly want or need, a gift certificate to their favorite off-road or automotive store will never go wrong.

Whether it’s maintenance parts, cleaning supplies, or even upgrades, the off-roader on your list will surely be able to find something useful.

Ready for An Off-Roading Christmas?

Make the off-road lover in your life smile this holiday season with a thoughtful gift that reflects their love for the sport; they make great stocking stuffers or items for under the three.

For a more substantial gift for the recipient who’s working hard to build up their off-road truck or Jeep, check out the selection of specialty bumpers, fenders, and other vehicle armor and accessories offered by Fab Fours.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a new Grumper bumper!

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