Deer Collisions – Why Off Road Trucks Need Aftermarket Bumpers!

Deer are beautiful and can be fun to watch out in the field from your off-road truck. They can also be really dangerous when they jump out in front of you while you're powering down a trail in the woods. The front and bumpers of your truck can really take a beating if you end up hitting one; you could even be injured as well

This is just one more reason why aftermarket truck bumpers for off-roading are such a good idea. Anyone who enjoys driving in deer-populated areas needs to upgrade their front truck bumpers with stronger steel bumpers.

Deer and Trucks - A Dangerous Combination

Wild deer, elk, and other commonly encountered animals may look fragile with their skinny, spindly legs; however, they are much heavier than they look. Hitting a deer that darts out in front of you can cause extensive damage to the front of your off-roader, potentially to the point of rendering your truck immobile.

Hiding beneath that front grille is your radiator and other critical engine components that can be crushed with just the right impact. Your best protection? Durable aftermarket bumpers designed to withstand a serious impact.

Why Stock Front Truck Bumpers Are Not Enough

Stock front truck bumpers are designed to protect only against light impacts at very slow speeds, usually 10 mph or less. Besides all the other reasons why they are insufficient for protecting off-road trucks, stock front truck bumpers provide almost no protection to the front of the truck or Jeep if you hit a deer or other large animal.

The low position and thin, soft metal that most stock bumpers are made from means the front of the truck will absorb most of the impact. Often, the results are broken headlights, grilles, and even damage to the hood and fenders.

Aftermarket Truck Bumpers - Great Protection Against Deer Collisions

The same way that steel front truck bumpers can offer you superior front-end protection from the usual off-road hazards, they are also the best protection available against deer collisions. The strongest off-road aftermarket bumpers are made from heavy-duty steel and bolted or welded directly to the frame, directing the force of an impact there.

They can withstand a significant impact without allowing the front of the truck or Jeep to be crushed by the animal, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repair bills. Available in many styles to fit different trucks, you can purchase strong front truck bumpers that protect as high as the headlights and the whole front grille and as low as the front underside of the engine compartment.

This provides you total protection from branches, rocks, debris, and yes deer too. Those designed to fit a winch will also protect the winch from a deer impact. Many aftermarket bumpers give you room to add on different off-road lights or also customize the guards they include so you can customize based on need or look.

Designed to protect in a variety of settings, aftermarket truck bumpers can make the difference between escaping a deer collision in one piece or having to limp you and your truck home. Although careful, observant driving to avoid an accident with a deer is most recommended, for those times where a collision can't be avoided, steel front truck bumpers will prevail!

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