Do I Need Doors and Mirrors On My Off-Road Toyota Tacoma?

Driving off-road in a Tacoma with the doors off or even with a set of tube doors or trail doors is a lot of fun when you want to experience that free air feeling.

Getting the doors on and off these trucks can be a bit of a process, though.

If taken off, it’s great to leave them off for a while, but should you?

Figure that out by answering two easy questions!

Question 1 - Drive Your Tacoma On The Road At All?

Before considering taking the doors - and the mirrors, since those are on the doors - off your Toyota Tacoma, answer one critical question: is the truck used strictly off-road or does it do double duty as a street vehicle?

If the answer is that the truck is your off-road toy and doesn’t see the street, then yeah go right ahead and take those doors off!

Before actually doing it, refer to question 2 because if your answer is yes and the truck is used as a daily driver and sees any street time at all, not so fast!

You need to do a little more research on the matter to make the right decision.

Removing the Doors

In terms of the legality of removing the doors from your double-duty Tacoma, every state has its own laws, so be sure to check your state’s vehicle requirements at the DMV website to see for sure.

Most states allow driving with the doors off, while others add some specifications like the requirement of a 6” lip from the floor up the side to prevent feet from sliding out or only if the doors were designed to come off by the manufacturer.

Trail doors and tube doors usually suffice in most states, so these are a definite option if you want to take the doors “off” for off-roading but also want to stay street legal and a little safer too.

Removing the Mirrors

Where most states have some kind of requirement is with the side mirrors and when you take the doors off, the side mirrors go with them and that’s not street legal in many states.

Some require that there be two side mirrors mounted on the truck, others insist on at least a driver-side side mirror, and a few don’t actually specify that a lack of mirrors is illegal.

Once again, do your homework and contact your state’s DMV to figure out which applies.

Question 2 - Does the Benefit Outweigh the Annoyance?

Beyond the legal issue, the next question is why remove the doors and mirrors off your Tacoma in the first place?

For most people, it’s either the want to drive cross-country and get that open-air feeling or because you do things like rock crawling with the truck and being able to look out of the cab to see where your tires are can be a big help.

Regardless of why, it’s important to realize that because Tacomas aren’t actually designed to have the doors removed, doing it sounds easier than it actually is.

It’s not like on a Jeep, where the doors come right off and you can easily put them right back on in a few minutes.

Besides the door hinges, there will also be wiring to deal with which can complicate things.

Getting them back on is no easy task, so it’s impractical to keep swapping back and forth.

Furthermore, if your Tacoma will go right ;back on the road, you need to resolve the mirror issue.

Tacoma Trail Doors A Great Option

When you really want to take the factory doors off your Toyota Tacoma but want the safety of a barrier plus the ability to add mirrors if needed, trail doors like the ones now available from Fab Fours are the perfect solution!

There are also tube doors that can be installed; however, those mirrors will need to be mounted if required or just because they may be needed when climbing rocks.

The Toyota Tacoma Trail Doors from Fab Fours offer the convenience and experience of a tube door or half door while keeping you safe in the truck - and mirrors can be mounted on them.

Check the Facts First

So before removing the doors on your off-road Tacoma, answer these two questions first and then consider all options.

They might be a little challenging to take on and off, so think about that if you’re going to drive on the street as well.

In either case, a set of trail doors might be the perfect option to satisfy all needs, since it’s almost like going doorless with the necessary mirrors to go from trail to street legally, without a fuss!

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