Do You Ever Dream About Camping On Your Jeep’s Roof?

If you’re thinking of taking your Jeep out into the wilderness for some camping under the stars, a rooftop tent could be a fun choice for your adventure!

Designed for easy setup and even easier stowing, rooftop tents are becoming quite popular these days, especially among Jeep owners so be sure to check out this little guide to fun rooftop camping with your Jeep.

If it sounds good to you, add a roof tent to your list of off-road accessories like replacement Jeep bumpers and bigger wheels so you can go camping Jeep style!

Is That Really A Tent On Your Roof?

A rooftop tent is exactly what it sounds like: an unfolding tent that you can put up right on roof of your Jeep!

Made into a collapsing case that attaches right onto the roof rack of any Jeep or SUV, these tents are lightweight, easy to erect, and come in a variety of types to offer shelter from the elements in a style that works best for you and your Jeep.

Pros and Cons of Rooftop Tents

Beside the fact that rooftop tents just look neat, they’re a great alternative to the traditional ground tent, too.

Yet before you buy one and slap it on your Jeep, it’s a good idea to understand the pros and cons that come with this type of camping adventure.

The Pros

  • Easy to Put up and Take Down - Most rooftop tents are self-contained, collapsible units that pop up and open, then easily collapse down and lock up for easy, safe traveling.
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy - Rooftop tents make sturdy, fully-contained shelters that add very little weight to the roof of the vehicle and allow up to two people to sleep in them depending on the weight bearing limit of your Jeep’s roof.
  • Above-Ground Camping - Although the experience may feel almost the same, rooftop tents reduce hazards like animal intruders, wet ground in bad weather, plus other safety and convenience factors.
  • No Need to Tow Anything - Although travel trailers are great for camping, they’re expensive and you have to be towed wherever you go with your Jeep.

The Cons

  • More Expensive Than A Ground Tent - All that design and technology does come at a price; however, it will be worth the cost after you’ve enjoyed your rooftop Jeep tent a few times.
  • Weight Limits - You need to know your Jeep’s rooftop weight limit and calculate how much can safely go up there, including tent and people, so you don’t damage your roof.
  • Can Affect Removing the Tops - Know before you attach a rooftop tent to the top of your Jeep that doing so will probably make it impossible to remove your Freedom or Hard Tops while the tent is on.
  • Noise, Balance, and Fuel Economy - The collapsed tent shell can be noisy on the highway, reduce your gas mileage due to increased wind drag, and affect your vehicle’s center of gravity as your Jeep will be taller with a collapsed tent on top.

Different Types of Jeep Rooftop Tents

If you’re beginning to like the idea of a rooftop tent, there are a few different types you can get:

  • Roof Rack Mounted - The simplest of all the rooftop tents, this version mounts directly to the roof rack and pops up on the top, allowing for access with a ladder off the end or side of your Jeep.
  • Roll Cage Mounted - These are usually larger tents mounted to a roll cage attached to the outside of your Jeep, which provides more stability. Roll cage mounted rooftop tents come in larger styles than standard roof rack ones, can hold more people, and is entered from either side or the rear with a ladder.
  • Rooftop Tents with Awning Rooms - Extended rooftop tents that include an additionally connected room off the side of the Jeep, giving you sheltered space both on the ground and on top of your Jeep.

Have A Great Camping Adventure with a Jeep Rooftop Tent!

A great way to enjoy your Jeep is to go off-road trail riding and then camp out wherever your trail leads you.

With a rooftop pop-up tent, you can set your shelter up in minutes, stay off the ground, and watch the stars from a great vantage point.

Stop for the night whenever you’re ready, then have things packed up to continue your journey in minutes.

Available in different types to suit your budget and your Jeep, a rooftop tent is a fun choice for all the off-roaders out there who love camping as much as they love Jeeping!

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