Done Mudding? Better Clean That Mud Off Real Soon!

Boy, there’s nothing more satisfying than doing a little muddin' and coming back with your Jeep covered in mud from front tube doors to tailgate and everywhere in-between - a real Jeep status symbol for sure plus it was so exciting and fun to get it that way!

Cleaning all that mud off afterward, especially when it’s caked in the fenders and along the undercarriage, is no fun at all yet it’s important to do it and sooner rather than later.

Use these tips to get your Jeep spic-and-span and free from any lingering mud without having to take a chisel to it!

Time Matters When Cleaning Off Mud

After a long day on the trails and in the mud, the last thing you want to do is spend another hour cleaning the mud off your Jeep.

C'mon, it’s only dirt and you’ll do it tomorrow, right?

The thing is that if you wait, it’s going to take you twice as long or longer to clean those fenders and could cause some other problems, too.

Better to just do it right away and save spending half a day on it instead of just an hour!

Why does time matter so much when cleaning off a muddy Jeep?

  • Damage Potential - The longer mud sits on a truck or Jeep, the more damage it can cause. Some types of mud can damage paint and rubber parts, while mud that’s not immediately washed out of the engine compartment can leave deposits on the alternator that could affect its performance and your truck’s electrical components.
  • Reduced Lubrication - As mud dries on the vehicle, it can suck precious lubrication out of rubber and plastic parts including suspension grease nipples and mud hubs.
  • It’s Just Plain Harder - Soft mud comes off with a lot less effort than what it takes to get hard, caked mud off. You’ll spend more time getting the dried mud out of all the nooks and crannies of your truck or Jeep than if you had done it before it dried completely.

Best Tips for Quick and Easy De-Mudding

The first tip to get mud off any vehicle fast is to do it before everything the mud completely dries and hardens. Here are some other tips that will speed up the process even more:

  1. Start With A Pressure Wash - A pressure washer such as those found at any DIY car wash station is a simple way to get sticky, caked mud off your truck or Jeep fenders as quickly as possible plus remembering to clean under and behind fenders where a lot of mud gathers.
  2. Continue With A Soapy Bath - After the mud has been removed, give your Jeep or truck a good, soapy bath to remove any remaining dirt and grime.
  3. Get the Engine Compartment and Undercarriage - Pressure wash the undercarriage, and gently wash inside the engine compartment to get any mud out of there. Avoid using water under pressure or something could get damaged.
  4. Scrub the Tires and Wheels - Use a brush to scrub all those nooks, crannies and rubber to remove any remaining mud out; follow with a good rinse.
  5. Do A Damage Inspection - After it’s clean, give your Jeep a thorough once-over looking for broken, torn, and missing things that need attention before your next outing.
  6. Apply A Coat of Wax - If you have time and at least every few washes, apply a coat of wax to protect the paint and make it easier to remove the next layer of mud.
  7. Add Some Tire Protectant - Tire and interior protectant is a great product to use; however, is this case its intended purpose. Apply it now to help make it easier to remove mud the next time you go mudding in your Jeep. Spray a coating of protectant under the vehicle and in all those hard-to-reach places where less mud is better so that it will wash off easier during the next clean up.

Get That Mud Off Now!

The moral of the story is that if you want to spend more time on the trail and less time scrubbing your Jeep, plan on a clean up immediately after its mud bath to save precious time and energy.

Don't procrastinate, stop off at a wash bay on your way home and just get your Jeep clean.

Once your Jeep is sparkly clean, you’ll have that much more reason to get it all dirty again!

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