Don’t Get Lost In Your Off Road Truck On That Trail – Use GPS

Getting lost in the backcountry in your favorite customized truck might seem like something offroading friends joke about - yet it is actually a fact that maybe should be taken seriously. If you really enjoy getting out into nature and off the beaten path, you still have to know where you are and how to get back to where you started out, right?

Fortunately, technology has given us a great tool known as GPS just full of the right mapping software. You outfit your trusted offroading truck or decked-out Jeep with the right tires and struts, sometimes adding aftermarket bumpers as a further precaution, right? So don't head out into the wilderness without some kind of directional device, even if you just know you will *never* get lost - right!  You'd be better off preparing for that great offroading adventure by investing in the right GPS system.  

Navigating with Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones can be great for GPS because almost everyone on the planet has one that comes equipped with its own GPS version. There are a number of good navigation apps and programs for most smartphones, which may be a good easy answer. Don't forget to check out the area and trails before you get into your truck and download any maps you might need before you head out on the trails. Worse-case scenario would be to get out on the trails and try to download maps and other topographical information via WiFi - only there isn't any out there!

Of course, we won't even go into the fact that the screens on many smartphones are so small that reading one out in the boonies might be an issue too, especially while trying to drive on some crazy trail.

Tablets are actually becoming a popular navigation alternative to the smartphone. Although equally hard to read while on the move, they do offer some benefits including larger touch screens and some Android-based tablets even include a built-in GPS receiver. For the Apple lovers in the bunch, there are external GPS receivers that can be added to iPad or iPod Touch devices too. Both of these types of devices can face water issues or bouncing around. Protective coverings are great to save them if they fall out of your Chevy or Ford truck, but that could reduce visibility some.

Dedicated GPS Navigation Units

Of course, the better choice than relying on a smartphone or a tablet is to invest in a dedicated GPS unit that can be mounted on the dash of your truck. There are a number of great units available that are durable, weatherproof, include touch screen and various online capabilities, and are designed for convenient use while racing or off-roading. These units have built-in GPS receivers, come in various interfaces, sometimes have external antennae to mount on the truck or Jeep, and frequently include access to thousands of off-road maps.

Navigation Software and Maps

Standard GPS applications of local roads and highways do little good out in the wilderness. that makes it important to find navigation software that offers the right maps. There are many types of software available that provide access to different mapping databases; you’ll want to make sure that you can access and download the right maps on your particular device. Motorsport maps are the best; however, hiking and camping maps can be used for off-roading as well.

There are GPS navigation units now available to help most off-roaders. Whatever device you choose, be sure to consider things like durability, convenience, and that all-important access to the right maps when actually out on the trail in your favorite offroading truck. Most people no longer consider GPS a luxury. For the serious off-roader who just wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s an essential safety item. If you understand the importance of investing in steel truck bumpers and other safety equipment for your truck, it should be a no-brainer to understand why the right GPS unit is important as well!

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