Enjoy Fall Weather – Topless Choices For Your Jeep!

One of the most notable features that many Jeep owners enjoy is the ability to yank the hard top off and let the wind blow in their hair.

Trail riding sans top can be fun, especially in the fall when the sun isn’t too bright.

Baring it all isn’t your only option; there are a few different soft tops you can buy to make your travels as comfortable as possible.

When making your list of upgrades like Jeep JL bumpers and other important parts, don’t forget to include one of these great soft tops.

Advantages of Standard Jeep Full Soft Top

The standard soft top for various Jeep models is one that basically covers like a hard-top except it’s made from fabric.

Available as OEM equipment from Jeep or through many aftermarket manufacturers, the standard soft top has a frame system that supports it on the vehicle to keep it secure.

It also folds down for riding topless, while still having the protection of a top when you need it.

Standard soft tops provide the most protection from the elements and can be great for fall driving.

You can put the top down during the warmer part of the day and then put it back up if it starts to feel a little chilly.

Disadvantages of Standard Jeep Full Soft Top

The biggest downside to full soft tops is that they can be a challenge to set up correctly on your Jeep.

Folding it up and down takes a little bit of practice since you have to take the clear windows out and roll them up to keep them safely stored.

Beyond that, it’s a great option when you don’t want to commit either way.

Full soft tops can also be a bit pricey in comparison to the other options.

Safari-Style Jeep Soft Top

Another option if you want to go a little less formal than the standard soft top is the safari-style soft top that covers only the top of your Jeep and has no sides.

Safari-style soft tops are a great option if you enjoy the topless effect but want to minimize the amount of sun beating down on you while out driving.

This top may also slightly reduce the amount of wind blowing through your Jeep, which can be handy in the fall.

The best feature of the safari-style soft top is how easy it is to put on plus this type of top is also more affordable than a standard full top.

You won’t have to dip too much into the upgrade fund for your bigger tires or Grumper for your Jeep JL.

Summer-Style Jeep Soft Top

One more choice in soft tops and the one that costs the least is the summer-style soft top.

This top is essentially the same as the safari-style top but only covers the two front seats.

It’s best for shading a bit of the direct sun on warmer days while still giving you the feel of going completely topless.

Summer-style and safari tops are great 3 out of 4 seasons too.

Jeep JL Wrangler Soft Tops

With the new 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler on the market, you'll be excited to learn that there are two soft tops available for the Jeep JL: a manual one and a power version.

The best part about these tops is that you no longer need to struggle with zippers to put these soft tops on and off your Jeep.

The manual soft top is situation on a track and just flips back to get off - really easy!

The power soft top is the ultimate - it is made of cloth and designed to roll back with the mere touch of a button - say farewell to soft top frustrations.

Weather Considerations

Regardless of which type of soft top you choose or which aftermarket source you prefer, you naturally have to take weather possibilities into consideration when going topless in your Jeep.

Yet a soft top can really enhance your Jeep outing on a warmer fall day.

You can make the most of your off-roading and trail riding adventures with great visibility and that awesome windblown feel that Jeep owners love so much.

Enjoy Open Jeep Off-Roading In The Fall

This fall, don’t limit yourself to staying closed in by a hard top on your Jeep. Enjoy the colors of the season with a great soft top and go (almost) topless!


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