Enjoyed Winter In Your 2019 GMC HD? Better Clean It Up Now!

Cold, wet winter is almost over, with warmer days of off-roading fun on the horizon.

If you’ve had the chance to get out with your 2019 GMC HD with a new Grumper to enjoy some snowy trail riding, this is the perfect time to get your off-roader all cleaned up before you head back to the trails for some rock crawling or hill climbing.

If you think a quick run through the car wash is enough because you only drove in the snow, think again!

Winter grime, road salt, and mud hidden in all the little nooks and crannies like the inside of your Grumper or the underside of your chassis can cause corrosion that will slowly weaken it.

Give your truck and its steel bumpers a good spring cleaning and inspection so you’re ready to roll on that first perfect spring day.

Start in the Engine Compartment

When doing a top-to-tail inspection and spring cleaning of your off-road truck, start in the engine compartment first since you might make more of a mess refilling things or making repairs.

Do maintenance like testing your battery, replacing and refilling your fluids and filters, and then making a detailed inspection of all cables and hoses.

Make sure everything is working as it should, all the parts look safe, and that you’ve switched from winter prep to hot weather prep in terms of your coolant, oil, windshield fluid, and even the piece of cardboard you might be using to help your truck stay warmer on the most frigid day.

It’ll cause you to overheat in the summer if you forget it’s there.

Under the Truck

Begin your underside inspection by pressure-washing under your truck to get off all the caked-on dirt, road salt, and general grease and grime wherever it is on the underside.

Clean it up well so you can actually see all the essential parts down there and then check them over.

Look closely at all the critical parts there like your fuel and brake lines, control arms, and u-joints.

Check for leaks from the transfer case and other obvious damage that needs attention and take care of it before you think about heading back to the trail.

Clean Up The Interior

Moving right along, it’s time to venture inside your 2019 GMC HD once your mechanical check is finished and you’ve done any required maintenance or repairs.

Do a general cleaning on the inside and pay attention to the footwells as these are prime areas for corrosion from wetness and road salt brought in on your shoes.

If the carpet in these areas has been repeatedly saturated, smells bad, or shows obvious signs of decomposition, it needs a thorough cleaning with an extraction machine at the very least to get all the salt and water out of the carpets and off the floorboards of the truck.

Give It A Sudsy Bath

Last but not least, get that truck over to the u-wash-it and suds it up from the Grumper in the front to the steel bumper in the back.

A nice post-winter bubble bath after making sure everything’s in good shape is perfect for getting your off-roader looking great, making sure all that mud and road salt is out from the fender wells and behind your bumpers.

Slow Corrosion and Look Great with a Good Spring Clean Up!

While caked on mud and dirt is sometimes worn on an off-road truck like your 2019 GMC HD a badge of honor, wintertime grime that includes road salt will slowly eat your great off-road truck alive.

Slow the progression of corrosion and get your truck looking and running great from bumper-to-bumper for spring with a good inspection and clean up.

After all, the best part about hitting the trails all cleaned up is getting it dirty again!

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