Fab Fours – Supporting Trail Hero As Official Bumper Sponsor!

The Trail Hero rock sports event of 2016 was a massive success, bringing trail riders and off road enthusiasts and their special off road vehicles from all over to share in a multi-day, multi-activity event like no other. In 2017, Trail Hero promises to be even better, offering 4 days of off road trail riding in Hurricane Utah as well as great industry entertainment in the evenings. Fab Fours is honored to be the Official Bumpers of Trail Hero 2017.

Richard Klein, President of Trail Hero, recently spoke about the merger, stating that he was “excited to work with a reputable, American Made company that prides itself on the same innovation and integrity values as our event itself.” Based on this exciting merger, Fab Fours and Trail Hero hope to achieve great things in the promotion of this growing sport, supporting the off-road community together at Trail Hero and other great events.

A leading designer and manufacturer of off road custom bumpers, Fab Fours continues to introduce innovative design to the aftermarket accessory market. Joining forces with Trail Hero will allow Fab Fours to introduce its superior quality steel bumpers and off road accessories to a much wider audience. Enthusiasts will be able to see the products in use and in person to gain the best perspective on these advanced aftermarket bumpers and other off road accessories.

Trail Hero 2017

The 2nd Annual Trail Hero event of 2017 will be held from October 4 through 7 at the world class Sand Hollow off-road facility in Hurricane Utah, home to thousands of acres of trails for all off-road experience levels and vehicles. Activities planned include daytime access to more than 28 trails and after-hours activities such as rock crawl competitions, “bounty” obstacles, endurance speed races and much more. In addition, the event will host a large vendor show offering the latest and greatest off-road equipment such as Fab Fours highly regarded steel bumpers, live music, charitable raffles, and a car show to name a few of the activities. The event will also feature the first Rock Sports Gala celebration to be held on the Sand Hollow Resort Clubhouse and greens.

Along with four days of trails, trucks, vendors and other activities, Trail Hero is accessible to all attendees whether bringing their 4WD vehicle or not. The event will offer a Special Needs Access day and a Veterans Access day, as well as focus on arranging motorized access at the event for those with Special Needs as well as any Veterans. The goal of this event is to make trail riding accessible to as many people as possible to help expand interest in and knowledge of this exciting sport.

The 2017 Trail Hero event promises to be an extravaganza that no trail rider or off-road enthusiast will want to miss. Located at the well-known Sand Hollow Resort  5-star resort with lake, 18-hole golf course and access to Sand Hollow State Park with its thousands of off-road trails and off-road vehicle rentals, Trail Hero promises to once again be the trail riding event of the year.

As one of the official sponsors of the 2017 Trail Hero event, Fab Fours is excited to hit the trails with our custom 4WD truck Kymera and spend valuable time meeting with the many attendees interested in learning more about our steel bumpers and the great sport of off-roading!

Fab Fours

Official Bumper of Trail Hero 2017