Fall In Love With Autumn In Your Jeep!

While summertime is frequently thought of as prime off-roading season, there is a lot that can be said for heading out with your Jeep in the fall.

There is more to do than just trail riding or rock climbing or anything that has you upgrading your ride with great Jeep JL bumpers or fenders.

This autumn, if you’re usually one to be found on the hills or with your steel bumpers covered in mud, slow it down a bit and try something a little different.

Fall in love with the autumn Jeep season by changing the scenery and appreciating the outdoors in a completely new way.

Go Camping

One of the most popular autumn activities Jeep owners enjoy is camping.

The great thing about camping is that you can research different campgrounds and try ones that offer different sights to see and even some mild trails to bounce down.

If you’re close to any state parks or monuments, consider checking those out.

Bring the right gear and prepare for the weather so you can enjoy a day, weekend, or even a week just roughing it out in nature with your friends and your Jeep.

Try Nighttime Stargazing

Stargazing on a hilltop can be interesting and educational or just a nice way to spend a few hours in the comfort of your Jeep.

Naturally, the more remote you go the more you’ll see; you can even make stargazing one of your activities when camping as long as you can find a location where the open sky is visible.

Hit the Trails with A Nature Club

Nature clubs can be educational and fun, especially when they sponsor bird watching trips, outings to look at the leaves changing colors, and similar events.

Many of these may end up being off-road, which is a win-win for Jeep owners who can enjoy it all with the best views.

Enjoy an Open-Air Scenic Drive

You don’t have to be in a club or part of a group to enjoy a scenic drive out in the country.

An open-air drive through farmland on roads that pass through wooded areas, and into the mountains can be a breathtaking way to take in gorgeous scenery nearby.

Your scenic drive can end at a campsite where you trail ride to see cliffs during the day, then stargaze on a hilltop at night.

If you don’t want to drive too far, you can just avoid the highways and stick to the back roads to take in the local scenery as summer slowly turns to autumn.

Jeep Jamborees

If you haven’t been to one yet, a Jeep Jamboree is a “must do” on every proud Jeep owner’s to-do list.

Jamborees happen all year long all over the country, hosted by different local Jeep enthusiast groups.

They sponsor different activities including trail riding, mudding, hill and rock climbing, and those mentioned above too.

Find a Jeep Jamboree being hosted this fall near you and enjoy different activities with Jeep lovers just like you.


If you’re a sports fan, autumn is the start of tailgating season and there’s no better vehicle to do it with than a Jeep.

Decorate your Jeep including the bumpers with the team colors, pack your favorite tailgating fare, and head to the stadium.

There is plenty of space in your Jeep for you, some friends, and all the needs for a fun pre-game celebration.

Just drink responsibly and have a designated driver so you and your Jeep make it home safely after the game.

Fall Is THE Time For Great Jeep Adventures

As the temperature cools down and the leaves begin to change color, experience your Jeep in a whole new way this autumn.

Cooler weather activities that focus on open-air and high-visibility drives can make owning a Jeep even more fun.

Even if yours is equipped with off-roading upgrades like the new Jeep JL fenders or off-road bumpers such as steel truck bumpers, you can still enjoy the more relaxed fun of camping, delving into nature a bit, or even showing up at a fun Jeep Jamboree!


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