Finding a Bumper that Stands Up to Tough Tasks


Whether you’re looking for a durable aftermarket truck bumper for work-related activities or just pure recreation, you’re going to need one that’s extremely durable and powerful to boot. After all, you want something that can pull its weight both on and off the job. 

When it comes to finding a steel bumper that’s able to stand up to tough tasks both on the road and off, there’s one that immediately comes to mind: Fab Fours’ Premium Series

Fab Fours’ reputation for creating the highest quality products on the market is exemplified in this re-envisioned design for the Premium bumper series. Here’s why.

Strength & Durability

If you’ve got a big, lifted truck and you’re looking to tow your RV, boat, or trailer, you’re going to need a bumper that can handle the extra load. 

There’s a reason why this is one of Fab Fours’ more expensive products. The formed steel increases this aftermarket bumper’s overall durability, making it a heavy-duty solution to any problem you and your truck might come across. 

And USA-made products, particularly steel products, are held to higher standards in America for both the raw materials and the welding process itself, producing best-in-class replacement bumper options that know how to do their job. Fab Fours is proud to manufacture exclusively within the United States, with their headquarters and production shops being located in Lancaster, South Carolina. 

Style & Utility

If you’re using your truck to do your grunt work, you’re going to need a fully operational bumper series to do the job. Fab Fours’ Premium series is made with full functionality and utility in mind, so your truck isn’t going to be weighed down by bulky, impractical aftermarket upgrades. Plus, who doesn’t want their truck to look intimidating as heck?

Winch Capability

If you’re using your utility vehicle in any type of off-road or heavy-duty capacity, you’re going to want a steel bumper that has winch capabilities to pull yourself or your buddies out of some tight situations. 

The best part about the Premium series is that it’s rated for up to 16,500 lb. winches and comes winch-ready! This is significantly heavier than what Fab Fours’ Vengeance and Matrix series bumpers are capable of handling. 

Whatever your winching needs might be, there’s an easy formula for determining what product will work best for your utility vehicle:

Your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) x 1.5 = minimum pulling capacity. 

While you can always go up with that number, it at least gives you a baseline to start with. All Warn off-road winches range from 8,000 lbs to 16,500 lbs (which works well with the Premium series), so you can easily find the perfect option just for you. 

Now that Warn is working hand-in-hand with Fab Fours, the Premium series is better than ever before. Learn more about this collaboration.

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