For The Brave And Daring -Take A Solo Off Road Trip!

Off-roading is an activity usually enjoyed by groups or at least a few people heading out together with a Jeep set up for the adventure. Many are equipped with mods such as an upgraded suspension system, bigger tires, a ViCowl for the windshield, tube doors as well as custom bumpers, and open fenders to enjoy an off-road trail.

What many don’t do is go out on the trail solo. There are always some reasons why people avoid going out alone, some of them safety-related; however, when done the right way, there's nothing wrong with a trip out on your own. As long as you prepare well ahead of time, a solo trip in your Jeep can be valuable “me” time that you’ll really appreciate.

Why Try Going Solo?

Most of the time, off-roaders prioritize gathering in groups to head out into the wilderness for off-roading fun. It's a lot of fun when shared with others, not to mention the fact that there is safety in numbers. Yet there's something about going out on your own that cannot be replaced by anything else.

The fact is, we all need personal time to think and clear our heads and just appreciate nature around us. One of the best ways that owners of off-road Jeeps and trucks can do just that is by planning a solo outing.

It’s All In the Planning

The planning is usually what keeps most people from doing it. Just because you're going out own doesn't mean you don't have to plan well so you stay safe. In one sense, going solo may require even more forward planning than when preparing for a group. It is vital to stay safe since you'll be on your own without the assistance of others in case something happens.

You may want to add some mods to do the type of trail riding you've planned. Have you added custom bumpers and fenders? How about strong tube doors and a good winch if you were to tip on your side or get stuck? A ViCowl for your windshield with extra lighting is also a good idea if your trip will involve night riding.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about planning for a whole group or pleasing anyone other than yourself. Where you go and what you do is 100% up to you. Your main planning will simply be ensuring you can take your outing in safety and comfort so you get the full benefit of your time alone on the trail.  

Preparing for Your Trip

If you decide that you would like to do some off-road exploring on your own, good preparation is essential. Naturally, you’ll need all the usual safety gear and equipment that you'd bring with any other time.

Since you will be self-reliant, make sure you have a reliable and working method of communication that you know how to use and all basic survival skills. Now all you need is to find that perfect spot for a solo trip and head out with your Jeep.

The whole point of taking a solo outing is to go somewhere that speaks to you on a personal level. Heading off to your own secret place with your souped up Jeep equipped with custom bumpers and fenders, good-looking tube doors, and a fantastic ViCowl can be ultra-relaxing and a great way to experience off-roading in a way that most people don’t.

Of course, if you don’t feel confident going out on your own, you may want to delay a solo trip. You should always have enough confidence to get yourself out of a bind if necessary as well as common sense to avoid problems in the first place. If you want a little private break from the world, give some thought to a solo trip. Just be sure to plan well and be safe!

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