Get A Guide Here For Off-Road Truck Rear Bumper Shopping!

There’s a lot of information out there on off-road bumpers focusing on front replacement bumpers, but not so much on rear aftermarket bumpers.

Yet getting the right rear bumper for your off-road truck is just as important as choosing a great front bumper.

As simple as they may be, there’s more to rear replacement bumpers than just a hunk of metal bolted on in place of the factory bumper.

Know you’re getting a good replacement rear bumper by taking these factors into consideration! 

1. How Is It Constructed? 

Rear bumpers sometimes get more of a workout than front bumpers due to the fact that backing up can be challenging, especially when doing it on the trail.

Knowing this and the type of protection needed for the rear of your off-road truck, don’t skimp on rear bumper construction.

Buy one that’s made of durable materials and properly welded so it’s equally as strong and protective as your front replacement bumper. 

A heavier steel bumper can also give the added benefit of balancing weight distribution on your truck if a steel aftermarket front bumper has also been added.

2. How Does It Attach?

Like any sturdy off-road replacement front bumper, any rear bumper being considered should also mount directly to the frame of your truck to make sure its good and stable.

A frame-mounted rear bumper can be used as a secure point for winching or recovery in the same way that a front bumper can be used. 

3. Will It Interfere? 

Bumper interference is always a concern when removing a stock part and replacing it with an aftermarket one.

In terms of off-road rear bumpers, while wheel interference is unlikely, it’s critical to be certain that there are no clearance issues with the tailgate or hitch receiver if there is a trailer hitch.

It’s important to confirm that any rear bumper being considered is sensor compatible with your truck model.

If you're a Jeep owner with a tailgate spare tire carrier, make sure the bumper won’t interfere with that as well.

4. Available Utilities

Finally, decide on what extra utilities to include in a great replacement rear bumper, as there’s a lot more available than you might think.

A plain strong bumper is fine; however, there are many built-on accessories that can be helpful on a 4x4 that goes off-road.

If you want ultimate recovery capability, look into rear bumpers that offer incorporated tow hooks or shackle mounts and winch mounts.

Some bumpers offer side steps to make getting into the bed easier and others come with housing for accessory lighting in the corners or for a center light bar.

Where a trailer hitch is concerned, there are even rear replacement bumpers that include a hitch receptacle built-in for lighter trailers. 

Rear Replacement Bumpers Final Thoughts

So before assuming any old rear bumper will do for your off-road truck, think again.

Though it may seem like they have only one purpose, rear bumpers can serve in many capacities if you buy the right off-road replacement bumper.

Think about what added functionality would be helpful and choose a sturdy rear bumper that offers the most function for the money you have to spend and get the biggest bang for your buck!

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