Got A 2018 Jeep JL? Check Out These New Fab Fours Parts!

Hey all you Jeep Lovers out there!

You've been asking for it and we are ready to present those great JK parts amped up for the new Jeep JL - the Jeep JL Grumper, the Jeep JL ViCowl, Jeep JL Fenders - well you name it, we have it for your Jeep JL!

Follow along with the video as we walk you through these great mods for your Jeep JL!

"Alright it is JL Time!

They've been on the market for a little bit, which if you've been following us for a long time, speed to market is one of our top priorities.

It's the same this time, only we had such a big backlog, we were taking care of existing customers first; that allowed us to rack up more than 25 JL products before we start this debut.

The month of August is JL-Palooza. We're just going to be coming at you day after day with more and more content.

Check out our Instagram page and follow us closely as we highlight specific products all throughout the month.

You get a sample right here of the products covering these two JLs and the hard-working men and women back there cranking them out every day.

So we've got our new version of the timeless B1850, that's an old part number, it's got the integrated fogs and turns, a cool shackle mount that also integrates as a hook, a cover plate much desired from the prior JK bumpers.

This Rubicon is still running factory flares but showing off our Vicowl and the new, much-anticipated half doors.

We launched the full surround tube doors on the JK last year.

Big hit, very innovative, nothing has been out there like that; instantly they were wanting the halfs; we've done it on the JL and it'll soon be coming on the JK.

Integrated rock sliders with rock lights, penetrating light all over the ground, they're a little bit lighter gauge but you can just see the coverage.

These have all been out to Moab, Black Mamba's been featured in numerous magazines, you've seen them on all sorts of different wheels and tires ...

Well, just look at that - the full integrated Grumper fender system, Vicowl; now once again, we go blank slate.

It's easy to just take your JK parts, wallow out the holes, move them 3/8" call it a JL bumper - that's not our style.

JL is a new breed of Jeep and it had to have some new parts, so we looked at that canvas and said "What can we do? Start from scratch."

And there you have it.

Arguably the most complicated part we have ever produced are these one-piece fenders. So, something from the JKs where we had a base and you've got a flare and then a gill box ...

Now our customers are going right to the top, so let's put it all into one, which is what you see here. It's the Grumper amped up to a whole other level.

We will end up rolling out a full-width for some of those regulation states where you can't quite get away with this cool style; South Carolina, Texas, a lot of other ones, run what you've got.

If we had no limits, this would be the package and yeah now I wish you could all see it in person.

There's a lot of back and forth when you're seeing these pictures, trying to get the scale of this thing; but when you're next to it, you really get the feel for the pass-throughs, what you can see on it, the different inserts that you can change the colors.

It's just a crazy, over-the-top piece with our own integrated latches - it's just awesome.

So, yeah - day-by-day, Instagram, Facebook, all of our social sites, we will just be coming at you with in-depth looks at all of these products.

But yeah, 25? It's time to go!"

What a bunch of great Jeep JL off road products you could add to your Jeep JL - hope you get to see them all!

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