Got Insurance Protection For Those Daring Off Road Trails?

If you're into off-roading, chances are you've done your homework on a lot of things.

You've considered the different upgrades for your 4X4 such as a tougher suspension, protective Jeep bumpers, and other Jeep JK off road products and made the right modifications.

You also researched the best trail riding spots and packed your Jeep with all the emergency and recovery gear you may need.

So you're ready to go, right?

Not so fast! Is your Jeep really covered?

You need to think about more than just durable and protective parts; you need to also consider your car insurance policy and whether it will cover damages occurring while you're out having a great time.

Don’t Just Assume Your Jeep Is Covered

The truth is, insurance companies are not fans of off-roading and other dangerous activities that have a higher damage risk than when you just drive your Jeep on the street.

As a matter of fact, most standard auto insurance policies don't cover off-roading activities at all.

That means the moment you drive your Jeep off the street and start down that bouncy, rock-laden trail, your coverage ends.

If you sustain some kind of damage while off-roading and submit a claim, it will be denied and you will be left holding the repair bill.

Before taking this kind of risk and assuming your vehicle is covered, research your policy and confirm exactly what is and is not covered; most likely, anything you want to do off-road won't be covered.

To protect your ride, you'll need to either look for a standard policy that does offer some coverage for damages sustained while off-roading or find some other alternative.

Get The Insurance Protection You Need

When your standard insurance policy does not cover damage caused by certain activities, you have two basic choices for protecting a Jeep or truck you want to take off the street and onto the trail:

===>Supplemental Coverage - Some auto insurance companies will allow you to purchase supplemental coverage for your 4X4 so you can safely take it off-road.

Whether this is additional coverage on a standard policy that you simply need to sign up for or is added as a rider, you should read the fine print very carefully so you know what additional coverage you will have.

Some carriers may add this coverage to standard policies at no or a low additional charge; a supplemental rider costs extra.

===>Specialty Policy - The other option you have is to just purchase an insurance policy specifically designed to cover off-road vehicles and other vehicles used for certain activities.

These policies will range in price based on the type and amount of coverage you purchase, so be sure to shop around.

Some carriers specialize in these non-standard policies and may be able to give you a better rate.

Get the Right Coverage

While searching for a policy to sufficiently protect your off-road Jeep or truck, make sure the policy you choose includes the right type of coverage including the following:

===>Collision Coverage - This pays for any physical damage your vehicle may endure from hitting or being hit by things and other damage that is not caused by a collision with another vehicle.

As long as the damage is sustained in a manner noted within the policy, it should be covered.

===>Bodily Injury Coverage - This coverage protects you and those riding with you if injured while driving off-road.

===>Property Damage Coverage - If you damage someone else's property during your off-roading adventures, the cost will be covered as long as you include property damage in your policy.

If Something Happens On the Trails - Insurance is Vital

Before you head off to the hills and trails, make sure you've covered all your bases with the right Jeep JK off-road products, including Jeep JK bumpers and the right insurance.

See whether your policy provides any additional protection for damage that may occur while off-roading; if not, find a policy that will.

You may not think it's a big deal now since you have strong Jeep bumpers and other Jeep parts to protect your vehicle; however, it could become a big deal.

Should the day come that you have a mishap and end up with a banged-up Jeep, you'll be glad you bought the right insurance!

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