Heavy-Duty Bumpers for Trucks That Work

One of the most popular segment of vehicle sales today are trucks, and their market share is only growing as the fuel economy and everyday usability improves. A truck bed is a mighty handy thing to have, whether it be for hauling a bunch of groceries or a ton of concrete blocks.

Why Do We Buy Trucks?

People purchase trucks for different reasons. Some are bought for recreation—to haul weekend toys or drive in the dirt—and some are bought for work duty and earn their keep. Some trucks definitely have a harder life than others. And that’s why there are different levels of trucks available on the market.

For the heaviest duty private passenger trucks sold, life can be downright hazardous! Large equipment and capacity-straining loads constantly test the biggest 1-ton Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks made. These new trucks are asked to haul loads that only commercial trucks did in the past, and do so while providing comfort in a no-fail package that will offer service for more than 100,000 miles.

There's Always Room For Improvement

All that being said, manufacturers produce trucks geared towards what the majority of their consumers require/want. And that leaves room for improvement. Suspensions can be upgraded to suit an owner’s needs, tire choice can be improved upon, and more power can be squeezed out of engines.

There isn’t much along the lines of exterior body protection on most trucks, either. And since factory steel bumpers aren’t really designed to be “bumped” over a few miles per hour anymore, a custom bumper can offer the body of your truck a lot more protection.

Adding Aftermarket Bumpers

Take a quick look at the slightly older trucks on a job site with stock front and rear bumpers. You’ll find dinged and dented shells of what were formerly considered bumpers. On the trucks with aftermarket bumpers, you might find some paint missing but those aftermarket bumpers will still be straight.

That’s because bumpers built like Fab Fours’ Premium, Vengeance, and Black Steel and Black Steel Elite bumpers are made to earn their keep and continue to look good doing so. The welded heavy gauge steel is more than twice as thick as what factory bumpers are stamped from.

Regardless of what style you choose, you can be assured that a minor run-in won’t leave you all twisted out of shape when your bumper is…twisted out of shape!

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