Hey Jeepsters – Check Out Fab Fours New Jeep Bumper!


Stubby bumpers are one of the more popular Jeep bumper styles because they’re strong, affordable, and look great on the Jeep JL and Gladiator.

You’ve been asking us for a while, so the team at Fab Fours has finally done it and created the perfect Jeep bumper that fits our standards while offering you the bumper that so many of you want – and it is in production and ready to be mounted on your Jeep JL or Gladiator!

Before you go and buy that cheap China-made stubby that won’t last, take a good look at what Fab Fours has in store for you!

Check out this video transcription of the Fab Fours stubby bumper for the Jeep JT and JL – we know you’re going to love it!

Okay, you are looking at the Stubby Bumper from Fab Fours for the JT and JL.

So, we often get a lot of requests for the Stubby, you know it’s a very popular style of bumper, a little bit more hardcore, shows more tire, really geared towards the trail wheeler.

We tend to neglect it some because there’s already a lot of players out there in the stubby space and it’s often driven by price points, a little foreshadowing there.

However, when we go into something we go all in and this thing is packed with features.

So on both sides, it has an integrated Hi-Lift profile, which I actually came and tested and it’s quite nice.

When you have the active T profile, you get a lot more stability out of the old widowmaker.

Furthermore, integrated shackle mounts but this one piece of 3/4 that also becomes a hook, pretty cool it’s got that OE feel to it, the way you had hooks from the factory.

In the fog lights, you can run the factory fogs that come with the JT or JL or 2 x 2 dually style lights.

Both of those will bolt directly into the brackets here we have.

You can see a couple holes here should you have to run a license plate based on state laws, so really not overlooking anything.

As far as the winch, it’s got your standard profile for all small frames.

We went ahead and did it with a top mount winch, so here’s a tradeoff just in case you really love the recessed winch style.

I agree with that look; however, when it comes to a stubby and a price point style bumper, a beauty of going top mount is that if you have to buy the winch separately later, you have that as a choice and it doesn’t look empty, whereas when we have the recessed mount, you just have a cavity there.

So, basically, you get this bolt-in roller fairlead mount, so watch out for all those cheapo China bumpers where this is just welded here; again, it’s going to look weird if you don’t run a winch.

Ours comes with this plate included, so if you don’t run a winch, you’ve just got a nice, clean deck.

If you want to run a winch, you sandwich the roller fairlead plate between the winch and the bumper.

Totally turn-key, it’s going to be available with the tube, without the tube, this 1/20 wall, inch and 3/4, bomber piece.

All 3/16″ construction, cutting no corners; that is the best made, one of the coolest looking integrated styled stubby bumpers you can buy.

And just wait till we tell you about what we’re going to do on pricing!

So, once again, we put our minds to it, Fab Fours approaching the stubby market.

We have only one way we wanted to do it – the best!

So it’s pretty cool to have all this integrated styling, the D-rings, all the shape, form, function, all 3/16ths, made at our facility in Lancaster.

Welded, powder-coated, everything in-house in the same line.

So if somebody’s going to buy another stubby, I’d be shocked.

Show me!

If you’re looking for a Jeep bumper with the same aggressive looks and the same quality and durability as our other bumpers with an amazing price for a Fab Fours product, our Jeep JL and Gladiator bumpers have arrived and are ready for you.

You won’t find a better stubby anywhere!

Fab Fours Stubby Bumper

Take Your Jeep JL and Gladiator To A New Level of Cool!

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