Hey ORV Drivers – Don’t Miss Part 2 of Safety Tips!

Off-roading with an off-road vehicle or ORV like a Polaris RZR XP Pro SXS can be exciting and exhilarating, especially if you’re most accustomed to doing it in a truck or Jeep.

As fun as they are, it’s important to acknowledge that these SxS vehicles operate differently than standard off-road 4X4s and can be more dangerous if you’re new to them.

In this second part of a 2-part series on ORV safety, learn more guidelines for driving them once you get to the trail to be sure you have a great time without putting you or anyone else at risk!

1. Always Begin with A Vehicle Inspection

Just like you do it for your 4X4 Jeep or truck, start the day off with a thorough inspection of your ORV because even though these vehicles are designed for rough riding, they can still malfunction or break down like any other.

Check all fluids, inspect wheels, tires, and the mechanical systems you can see.

Follow the pre-ride checklist that’s usually provided in the owner's manuals of Polaris XP Pro SxS vehicles and make sure everything looks ready to roll before you set off.

2. Learn What Terrains You Can Handle

While ORVs are agile and able on a variety of surfaces, it’s still important to understand which terrains are best suited to your SxS and which surfaces should be avoided.

The type of tires on your vehicle makes a huge difference in how well it can perform on certain surfaces.

Before jumping right into the mud or starting to climb a tall dune, make sure your vehicle is well-equipped for the trip and what techniques you should use to negotiate terrain-type obstacles.

3. Sit Correctly In or On the Vehicle

Obviously, when driving an SxS you should be seated and strapped in with seatbelts to ensure your safety.

On 3-wheeler or 4-wheeler ATVs, it’s important to learn how to balance the vehicle by sitting, leaning, and standing at the right times.

In all cases, correct seating means you can easily reach all controls as required with your hands and feet without having to stretch or reach for them and unless you can sit properly in or on a Polaris RZR XP Pro, don’t take it out and instead find one that’s sized better for you to safely use.

4. Avoid Driving Too Fast

Driving too fast for conditions can be deadly, especially when you’re riding or driving a SxS.

Observe all posted speed limits on trails and resist speeding around obstacle courses.

Avoid driving faster than what will allow you to maintain good control of the vehicle, as doing so can result in rollovers and other serious crashes.

5. Make ORV Safety A Priority

Above all, when driving or riding any type of SxS, keep safety in mind and always use common sense.

Practice in safe places to gain familiarity and comfort with these vehicles and don’t push your skill limits doing things you’re not ready to handle.

Wear protective gear, be considerate to others on the trail, and follow all the other safety tips you would with your truck or Jeep.

Play It Safe Driving ORVs for the Best Experience

Getting behind the wheel of a Polaris RZR XP Pro or hopping onto an ATV can be quite a difference from driving a standard 4X4 on the trail.

Using the tips provided in the 1st article about this series on safe ORV driving, enjoy yourself without putting your or anyone else at risk!

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