How does Fab Fours Make some of the best steel bumpers on the market?


Bumpers have a fairly basic job: absorb the impact of a minor collision to minimize the damage done to a vehicle — and the potential total for repair costs. Stiff, metal bumpers appeared on the front and rear of a car as early as 1904, but back then they were more for looks than damage control.

Since then, there have been a number of improvements made to bumpers, many of which have improved the overall functionality and safety of the vehicle as well as worked to protect pedestrians from potential injury. But when it comes to vehicle modifications needed to hit the trails, standard stock bumpers just won’t do the trick.

The solution? Steel aftermarket bumpers, created with off-road conditions in mind. Outfitting your truck or 4×4 with a steel bumper is one of the best investments you can make — but with a variety of them on the market, how do you know which one will work best?

Since 2004, Fab Fours has been manufacturing some of the best truck and Jeep steel bumpers, armor, and accessories that can be found on the market. Always challenging themselves to be the most innovative and cutting edge manufacturer they can be, the Fab Fours team consistently finds new ways to design and produce high-end aftermarket bumpers.

Here’s their secret formula for being able to achieve this goal.

Only the Best: Made from Premium Steel

Fab Fours operates on a streamlined business model to provide and distribute their handmade steel bumpers, with ultra-efficient production processes.From laser-cutting the steel sheets to fabricating, grinding, priming, and powder coating, these steel bumpers are carefully handcrafted with only the best materials before shipping out.

Rest Assured, Warranties are Included

Because Fab Fours believes in the impeccable quality of their final products, offering a manufacturer’s warranty is a no brainer. Fab Fours’ steel bumpers come with warranties that cover any material or workmanship defects to ensure customer satisfaction and longevity of the parts.

Made in the US of A

Did you know that Fab Fours manufactures everything out of their facility in Lancaster, South Carolina? That’s right: this company manufactures its state of the art products on American soil, in their massive production facility that lies right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

USA-made products often offer higher quality products in comparison to counterparts produced overseas, since the US requires more stringent quality standards for both raw materials and the overall welding process.

Since USA-manufactured steel complies with these more rigorous standards, Fab Fours’ steel bumpers are amongst the strongest and best on the market.

Fab Fours maintains a strong emphasis on progressive design concepts, the highest in-house quality control, and best-in-class American-made steel products.

But don’t just take our word for it.

See for yourself.

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