How To Alleviate Fears About Your New Off Road Truck!

Off-roading is fun and exciting; this is the whole reason why you just bought a 4X4, right?

You’ve got your new off-road wonder at home sitting in the driveway and are already planning what off road parts like aftermarket bumpers or truck winch bumpers you need to protect your new wheels, but then what?

If you’re newer to off-roading or just to this vehicle, you might be a little nervous heading out for the first time; this is perfectly normal.

Check out the most common concerns drivers have when heading out with a new off-road truck or Jeep and learn how to avoid problems so your first day out is a success.

1. Vehicle Damage

This is one of the most common fears of new truck owners, whether you've been off-roading a while or you’re new at it; the last thing you want to do is bang up your new ride.

You need to expect damage to the paint over time as it’s hard to avoid when traveling through wooded areas or down dirt paths.

You can protect against serious body damage with skid plates, rock sliders, aftermarket bumpers, headlight protectors, fender flares, and other aftermarket parts designed to protect your off-roader from body damage.

2. Getting Stuck

Sooner or later, everyone gets stuck in the mud, sand, or on a rocky trail; accept this fact and plan ahead.

Travel with a group of other drivers whenever you can so you'll have others available to help pull you out if you do get stuck.

If you plan on doing any off-roading on your own, make sure you’re equipped with a winch and know how to use it as well as other recovery gear.

3. Experiencing a Rollover

Rolling over is a fear that any driver taking to the hills might have, regardless of their experience.

Although it's a rare occurrence, it can be more likely to happen to less experienced drivers or drivers just getting the hang of their new truck.

The best way to avoid this dangerous situation is to learn how to properly negotiate hills and drive off camber.

Go slowly, build up your skills, and get a good feel for your new truck and keeping it balanced while tackling hills and uneven terrain.

4. Getting a Flat or Breaking a Bead

Flats and broken beads are common occurrences on the trail.

Whether losing air due to tire damage or losing the bead on an aired down tire, be prepared ahead of time.

Carry a spare with you and the tools you'll need to change a tire. If you air down, carry a compressor with you as well.

You can also learn how to make certain repairs while in the field and carry those supplies as well.

5. Breaking Down In General

When you’re pushing your off-road truck to its limits, breaking down is a legitimate worry.

You can reduce the chance of this happening by keeping your vehicle well maintained and not taking on more than your setup can actually handle.

Travel with the tools and supplies you'd need to make minor repairs.

This is also one more reason why you should always go out in a group.

If you break down, you'll have more help getting your truck fixed or at least have a way to get back home so you can arrange a tow.

6. Lack of Skills and Experience

Off-roading is a continuous learning experience. Whether you're a newbie with a new truck or you've been doing it a while, there's always something new to learn.

Stay safe by only participating in activities you feel confident with and that your vehicle is equipped to handle.

Expand your knowledge and experience by learning from others and once again, traveling with a group.

If you try something and end up stuck, broken down, or with some kind of damage, you'll be in the company of more experienced drivers who can help you out.

Over time, you'll become more confident and gain more experience with your new off-road vehicle.

7. Needing Emergency Services

Getting hurt while off-roading is another serious concern that all drivers should consider.

If you're out in the middle of nowhere with your truck, getting emergency services can be harder.

Prepare for the possibility of a medical emergency by taking some first aid training and carrying a medical kit with you.

Learn how to handle common conditions like heat stress, cuts, and broken bones until help arrives.

Never go out without some way to communicate with the others in your party or even away from where you're driving.

Now You Are Really Ready to Off-Road!

Now that you know the top fears many newer off-road drivers heading off in their new trucks and Jeeps have, keep yourself and your vehicle safe by preparing.

Learn off-roading safety, bring the right equipment and supplies with you, consider upgrading your truck with aftermarket parts like winch bumpers, and always hit the trail with at least one other vehicle.

Once you get the feel of your new truck and become more confident, those fears will become simple reminders of what you may experience while on the trail so you're always ready to handle that emergency!

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