How To Find Great Storage Choices When Heading Off Road!

Storage space is frequently at a premium in many homes. It can be even harder to come by in your off-road truck. What do you do when you want to spend a weekend out camping to ride the hills and trails in a more remote location? You get creative, is what you do.

From the more obvious options like storage bins and containers to using other nooks and crannies in your vehicle, you can fit in all your gear when you consider the many ways you can store it.

Racks of All Kinds

Depending on the type of heavy-duty vehicle you are driving, there are many different racks you can buy that mount to the exterior to provide you with storage space. Bed racks, roof racks and baskets, bumper racks, and other types of cargo racks are great for carrying large items, tools, bins of supplies, and anything else too big to fit in your vehicle. Yet they should be used very carefully.

Avoid using bungee cords to secure your items, opting instead for stronger straps. Secure all items so they can’t bounce or rattle right off your truck. You also need to consider weight distribution when carrying large or heavy items on exterior racks. It is easy for your truck to become unbalanced by loading these racks. That could cause a dangerous situation on the trail by making it easier for you to roll over.  

Bed Boxes and Exterior Storage Bins

Whether or not you have bed, roof, or bumper racks, you can use weatherproof storage boxes and bins designed to keep your stuff secure on the outside of the vehicle while you are moving. Hard plastic bins and cases make an excellent option for exterior storage that will keep your items dry and protected.

There are quite a few types of bins and cases available that can either be mounted to your vehicle or strapped onto storage racks. Many even come with convenient compartments to help you keep tools and other items organized and easily accessible.  

Interior Brackets, Bins, and Nets

For those items you want or need to keep inside your custom vehicle, you might need to get creative. Most vehicles have a few storage compartments; however, they are probably loaded with safety gear and tools. If you need more space, add your own.

You can mount brackets inside your truck to hold individual items or mount bins to hold multiple items. Nets on the backs of the seats, in the corners of the roof, or anywhere else you can mount them can also be useful. Put unused space to better use this way.  

Hidden Storage Compartments

You can make use of the empty space hiding between your truck’s body and the interior panels. Make removable panels inside your doors, under the windows, along the interior sides of the vehicle, and in the tailgate or rear door. Mount brackets and nets in those spaces to hide smaller items.

Another option is to install brackets on your roll cage and mount tools and gear there to leave more space for other items. You can even install metal cases on the inside of your engine compartment to store tools and other items that will not be damaged by heat.

If you just cannot seem to find enough space in your off-road truck to stash all your emergency essentials and still have room for personal items, try again. There are many ways you can increase the storage space on any vehicle, from the engine compartment to rear custom bumpers. Just be sure to consider details like weight, securing methods, and exposure to the elements so you choose the right options for all of your items!

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