How To Take Your Off Roader Shift Knob From Boring To Bold!

One fun thing about owning an offroad truck or Jeep is how many ways there are to upgrade it. There are functional modifications you can make such as suspension lifts or body mods such as tube doors and upgraded fenders such as open fenders to improve its performance. Then there are other modifications that just look cool.

Modifying the shift knob probably lies somewhere in the middle of performance mods to fender upgrades. To drive safely, you need a knob that's in good condition. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't switch to a more stylish knob just because you want to, just like you can have regular doors or tube doors on your offroader. By finding the right knob, you can take your shift knob from boring to bold.

OEM, Vehicle-Specific, or Universal-Fit?

There are literally thousands of options available when it comes to both fenders and shift knobs. The first thing you need to decide if you want to replace a shift knob is whether to use OEM equipment or go with a custom, non-standard knob.

If you choose OEM, your selection will be limited to what your vehicle's manufacturer has available. There are some great looking OEM knobs you can get for your offroad truck or Jeep; however, if you want something really stylish or unique to go along with those cool open fenders, consider a custom shift knob.

When choosing a custom knob, the one thing you need to determine is whether it is vehicle-specific or universal-fit. Vehicle-specific means you need to look for a model number that is made specifically for your offroad truck’s shift rod. Universal-fit means the knob should bolt right onto almost any shift rod or it can be made to fit with an adapter.

Adding Style With Custom Shift Knobs

Custom shift knobs come in countless shapes, colors, and styles and are made from a wide variety of materials. Whether you want something that looks aggressive like open fenders or cute like tube doors, portrays your love of sports, adds a touch of humor to your ride, or just has a certain shape or feel to it, your options are endless. Spend some time searching online and see for yourself just how many options there are.

Shift Knobs with Custom Features

Besides looking great, some custom shift knobs just like truck fenders also have special features that can make off-road shifting easier and more comfortable:

^^^Weighted, stainless steel knobs that make shifting smoother.

^^^Push button knobs that have a push button on the end that can be wired to any 12 volt circuit in your offroad truck.

^^^Short-shifter knobs that shorten the shift throw length between gears.

What About Other Parts and Accessories?

In addition to replacing the entire shift knob, you can also replace the parts that work with it:

^^^If the shift pattern insert at the top of the knob is worn or fallen off or you just want a more decorative insert, there are plenty to choose from in all shift configurations.

^^^Shift boot cover replacements are generally available for all off-roading trucks.

^^^Most manufacturers have various trim pieces that fit around the shift boot or knob.

^^^For those with leather and metal shift knobs, you can buy shift knob covers in neoprene, sheepskin, and other materials to protect the knob and your hands from getting hot when your offroader is parked.

If you're just itching to do some kind of mods on your offroad truck or Jeep and you've already added tube doors, open fenders, or some other type of fenders, wait a while longer for your next performance upgrade and give your ride some added character with a new shift knob. Replace an old, worn out one or simply dress up your stock knob with any of the attractive OEM or custom knobs sold by off-road and custom parts dealers everywhere!

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