Hung Up In The Mud? Fab Fours Wheel Rings Can Help!

We know you love to hit the trails with your prized off-road truck or Jeep, not to mention the thrill of wheeling through some great mud!

But what happens when you get stuck - do you risk damaging that new Grumper? Never!

Follow along as the guys from Fab Fours get unstuck in a way they had never used before!

Just A Day On The Trails

Alright, so, we debeaded this tire out here on the trail and it's a perfect example of an extra use of the wheel ring I hadn't even thought about.

So it's cool that you can change the style as the new versions are coming out but even better, figure that off-road if you're scratching up that ring, it's sacrificial.

Get home, pull them off, powder them up and you're good.

I did not think about this: in the instance of a debeaded tire, using the ring as a hi-lift point.

So rather than going off the body and the suspension unloading and dealing with all of that, just hook the widowmaker right to the ring, lift what needs to be done, reset the bead, and off you go!

There you have it - using the wheel ring on those new Fab Fours wheels to get you unstuck from the mud!

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