If You Take Your Jeep Wheeling – Be Prepared For Problems!

Off-roading with a Jeep can be a really fun way to spend a weekend. To keep things fun and avoid problems, the key is preparation. The one off-roading rule to live by when doing this is to expect the unexpected.

Your Jeep may be equipped with big all-terrain tires, Jeep bumpers with a winch, and other important Jeep JK off-road products that make it better equipped and more useful - but that's only half the story.

When you prepare for the possibility of having trouble on the trail, you’ll be less affected and better able to deal with them.

Keep A Medical Kit in Your Jeep

A medical kit can make the difference between life or death if someone gets injured far out in the backwoods. Generally speaking, you should always have at least a first aid kit in your Jeep even if you're just doing some common trails or hills with others.

If you drive out further, consider such a kit an absolute necessity. Medical kits for camping and outdoor activities are a great option as they include a wide variety of items to help you handle different types of injuries.  

Always Bring Recovery Gear

Recovery gear is essential equipment for your Jeep that you should always have with you, just in case. Sooner or later, you'll get stuck - every off-roader does. Not having a way to pull yourself out can be a real problem, especially if you’re pretty far out.

Avoid this problem by bringing recovery gear that is safe to use for your Jeep. A Jeep JK steel bumper equipped with a winch is ideal. Whether or not you have a winch, you’ll want to keep one or two recovery straps, a couple of D-shackles, and a snatch block with you as well.

Bring all the gear you may need to either winch or snatch your Jeep so you can get out and keep going.

Emergency Water Supply

Water for you, your party members, and your Jeep is essential. In the midst of all your fun, be sure to stay well hydrated. You’ll want to bring some extra water as well, enough to sustain you for a few days in a worst-case scenario.

Carrying extra water for your Jeep to deal with an unexpected overheating problem is also advised. Some water to put into the radiator might be just enough to get you back to civilization.

Carry Essential Spare Parts and Tools

Depending on what you plan on doing during your outing, consider bringing along a few key spare parts just in case. Some of the more critical parts that can easily be damaged on the trail include U-joints, power steering and radiator hoses, axle shafts, drive shafts, and naturally a spare tire.

Bring along all the tools you’ll need to make necessary repairs as well as a jack so you can change your tire. You can’t bring a whole garage of parts with you; however, you can prepare ahead by bringing those parts that are most likely to give you trouble and could bring your fun to a stop.

Bring Camping Gear and Emergency Rations

If you’re headed out deep into the backwoods with your Jeep, bringing along some camping gear and food is another good idea. Even if you have all the tools and parts you need to make a repair in the field, you might run out of daylight or decide to stay out there to watch the stars. Either way, you’ll be safer and warmer with camping supplies like a tent and sleeping bags. You’ll also save your strength with something to eat.

Nobody wants to deal with breakdowns, injuries, or other problems while off-roading when the plan was to just have some fun. Plans do go awry and problems do happen, whether we like it or not. Stay safe and salvage your time out on in the field with your Jeep by preparing well ahead of time.

Bring the emergency gear and supplies that can help you recover from the most likely issues you might face. With any luck, you won’t need them; however, they'll be there if you do!

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