Important Considerations When Choosing Steel Truck Bumpers

Upgrading the stock bumper on off-road vehicles is a common modification that many vehicle owners make.  Strong, durable bumpers are an important piece of protective equipment that many off-road vehicles should have. A correct upgrade involves more than just unbolting the OEM bumper and replacing it with a steel bumper. Vehicle owners should consider a few important thoughts to make sure they choose the right bumpers and properly protect their vehicles. With the right off-road bumper installation, off-roaders can hit the trails with few worries.

How Will the Vehicle Be Used?

There are a lot of different off-road bumpers available today, each designed for different needs. Depending on the activities a vehicle will perform and the risks associated with those activities, recommended bumper types will vary. Bumper choice must take vehicle use and risks into consideration. Bumpers are available for off-road use in various designs such as the 2017 Ford Super Duty bumpers, providing different protection and features for various uses. Choosing the right one involves knowing how a vehicle will be used and how likely it is to become damaged.

What Features Are Required?

Depending on what an owner plans to do with their vehicle, there are many optional bumper features. Off-road bumpers can be ordered with front or rear winches, different types of d-rings and other attachment points, push bars, protective skid plates, stinger bars, light and grille protection, brush protection, and more. Not all off-road accessories or features are required for all activities; some, like winches and d-ring attachments, could be useful in many situations. Above all, off-road owners must ensure the bumper they choose is constructed strong enough to actually protect the vehicle in the various risk conditions that may be encountered.

Mounting Requirements

Before ordering a custom off-road bumper, vehicle owners must also look into how their chosen bumper mounts, and whether their vehicle must be modified to fit it. Most manufacturers of off-road bumpers provide the necessary mounting brackets and hardware to fit different vehicles. Using the right brackets and hardware is essential for any customized bumper to offer the level of protection according to its design. Some bumpers may require additional drilling or welding to provide sufficient mount strength and bumper durability.

What About Vehicle Warranty?

Many people do not realize that installing an aftermarket parts like Dodge truck bumpers or GMC truck bumpers can void the manufacturer warranty on their vehicle. While this may not be an important detail for older vehicles that no longer have warranties, owners of vehicles still covered may want to think twice. As a matter of fact, many car makers will even void their warranties if a vehicle is used for any kind of off-roading activity - even if the vehicle is designed specifically to do just that. In other words, before putting that bumper on and hitting the trails, owners must consider the possibilities and whether loss of a vehicle warranty is something that is important to them.

Steel bumpers are great, protective accessories for any off-road vehicle; however, owners must make some careful considerations before investing in them. To provide the best use and vehicle protection, any steel truck bumpers should be equipped according to how the vehicle will be used and the risks that will be encountered. Owners of 2017 Chevy's looking at heavy duty bumpers must also research their vehicle warranty and determine whether this type of modification will void it, voiding important protection if the vehicle has any kind of covered failure. An experienced off-road installer can put on customized bumpers fairly easily. Before heading to the body shop, owners should consider these important points and choose the right aftermarket bumpers.

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