Is Fab Fours’ Premium Front Bumper the Right Selection for You?


Take this quiz to see if the Fab Fours’ Premium Front Bumper is right for your next vehicle modification. 

When it’s time to take on a new vehicle modification project, you want to be sure you’re selecting the right aftermarket part to do the job. That’s why Fab Fours’ created this simple, three-part quiz to help you figure out if our Premium Front Bumper is the right steel bumper for your truck!

You’re hoping to take your truck on at least one of the following adventures in 2022 and beyond:

  1. Mudding
  2. Off-Road Racing
  3. Overlanding

When it comes to a company’s reputation, how do you figure out who you can trust?

  1. By asking friends or other knowledgeable people in my community about who they trust.
  2. In-depth, online research.
  3. I typically purchase something to find out for myself if the company or brand is trustworthy. 

When you hear the word “durability”, you typically think of:

  1. How strong it is.
  2. How long it will last.
  3. How tough it looks. 

Ready for the results?

If you picked two or more A’s or B’s, the Premium Bumper Series is the right aftermarket steel bumper to do the job. 

Here’s why:

Functionality First

One of the biggest benefits to the Fab Fours’ Premium Series is its functionality both on and off the road. Not only is this steel aftermarket bumper a stylish addition to any truck, it also offers premium front end protection, making it the perfect off-roading and mudding companion – particularly because of its increased winch capabilities of up to 16,500 pounds. You’ll be able to easily pull yourself or a buddy out of a sticky situation!

Tire Clearance & Accessorization 

With the Premium Front Bumper, you won’t need to worry about obnoxious tire rubbing thanks to its additional tire clearance. And if you’re one to accessorize, the Premium series comes with all the extra bells and whistles you can think of: easy-to-install lights, D-Ring mounts, and Fab Fours’ signature injection molded light housings. It’s also available in no guard, full guard, or pre-runner guard options. 

Fab Fours’ Name Speaks for Itself

When it comes to finding a vehicle modification parts manufacturer, you always want to make sure you’re going with the best. That’s why Fab Fours’ is proud to manufacture top-tier aftermarket parts right here in the United States! USA-manufactured products offer higher quality products because the United States has implemented more stringent quality standards on both raw materials and the welding process itself. 

But don’t just take our word for it: do your research or ask someone in the off-roading community what they think about our products!

If you chose two or more C’s, Fab Fours’ has a wide selection of aftermarket bumper options that may be the best fit for your vehicle and for your intended use! 

Learn more by visiting our product portfolio to see what the best selection is for you.

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