It’s Showtime for the Black Steel Elite Bumper!


At Fab Fours, we’re all about pushing boundaries and setting new standards. That’s why we’re stoked to showcase our latest collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. In our new YouTube video, you’ll see the mighty Black Steel Elite Front Bumper for the Chevy 1500 in action, designed for those who demand both form and function from their truck accessories.

We’d like to thank the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for its partnership and willingness to showcase the style, protection and power of the Black Steel bumper line.

The Black Steel Elite is more than just a bumper; it’s a statement. Crafted from premium US steel, this beast combines the best of both worlds: robust durability and sleek design. Its aggressive full-guard style not only offers unmatched front-end protection but also adds a fierce, rugged look to your truck. With integrated D-ring mounts, winch-ready design, and customizable light options, this bumper is built for those who aren’t afraid to blaze their own trail.

Ready to elevate your truck with the Black Steel or Black Steel Elite line of products? 

Watch the video [here] to see the Black Steel Elite in action!

Partnering with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, an organization dedicated to conserving habitats and protecting wildlife, underscores our commitment to adventure and preservation. Together, we’re promoting responsible outdoor recreation and conservation efforts. Check out the video to see how the Black Steel Elite stands up to the toughest conditions and learn more about our mission to support the wild places we love.

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