Just Been Mudding? Better Clean It Off Real Soon!

One of the best parts of off-roading with your truck or Jeep is getting it dirty.

Driving down dusty trails, through water, and especially into the mud is a lot of fun.

Getting mud under your bumpers and everywhere else, letting it fling all over is like the grown-up version of playing in a mud puddle when you were a kid.

When you did, what time was it as soon as you came home dripping mud everywhere, a trail of dirty footprints behind you? Clean up time!

As tough as your truck may seem, it needs that same kind of care after you get it all muddy in your off-roading adventures.

Failing to thoroughly clean your truck or Jeep especially in hidden places like behind your steel bumpers and under the fenders can set you up for problems down the road.

Avoid corrosion and cement-like caked-on mud that can interfere with your vehicle’s performance by washing it off as soon as possible.

Do It Now

The most important thing to understand when it comes to getting your off-roader dirty is that the time to clean it off is right away - don’t let it wait!

You’re more likely to get sidetracked and forget about it if you do.

Ideally, you want to get all that mud and muck off before it dries completely when it will be harder to get off.

Stopping at a self-serve washing station on your way home from the trails is best. If you have to wait until you get home, a home pressure washer will help.

Regardless of where you do this, take the enthusiastic advice of Shia LaBeouf and just do it!

Clean All the Important Spots

Once you’re ready to give your truck or Jeep its much-needed bath, remember a few important details.

Washing the exterior is the easy part; it’s all the other areas holding the mud that you should be most concerned about.

Save the outside for last after you’ve dealt with cleaning off more difficult areas first:

==>>Clean the Wheel Wells - Use a pressure washer, concentrating on the wheel wells and under the fenders.

Chances are you've got pounds of mud caked up in there that needs to come out.

==>>Clean the Undercarriage - Focusing on the undercarriage, work from all sides, use the pressure washer to get mud out from around your axles and drivetrain, exhaust, and all the other nooks and crannies on the underside of your truck or Jeep.

If you have skid plates, be sure to get the mud out of those as well.

Don’t forget to spray the bumpers as these are other places that hide mud.

==>>Clean the Engine Compartment - Pop the hood and look inside; more mud everywhere.

You need to be really careful when cleaning under the hood since there are many electronic and electrical parts that you don’t want to force water into.

Lower the pressure on your nozzle or just use a plain hose and brush to clean the engine compartment without causing any damage.

Some recommend cleaning while the engine is running to prevent water from creeping into places where it shouldn’t be.

Carefully clean off your battery terminals with a brush or rag

==>>Clean Your Mud Tires - Mud that cakes up and dries in the tire treads can cause two problems: reduce traction and fly out when driving; it can reduce your traction when you head out the next times.

Those hardened pieces of mud could fly out of your treads as you’re driving and hit the vehicles behind you.

With the water pressure turned on high, get all the mud out of your tire treads until it's all gone, then give the outside and inside of the tires a good soapy scrub down.

Once you’ve finished washing the whole truck and the tires are dry, apply some tire conditioner.

Go Mudding - But Be Sure To Clean Up Afterwards!

A day playing in the mud with your 4x4 can leave you pretty tired afterward.

Even so, it’s important that you leave time to wash your truck or Jeep before you park it for the day.

Then it will be easier to wash everything off before the mud dries and hardens in your fenders, bumpers, and tire treads and you’ll have a clean vehicle for doing your routine safety inspection later.

Best of all, when you head back out for more fun, you can get it all dirty again!


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