Keep Your Factory Fog Lights and Sensors Functioning

Let’s be clear about something: If you weren’t interested in modifying your truck, you wouldn’t be looking at this site. That being said, there are some really nice things about starting your build with an unmodified (stock) truck.

Truck Is Still Intact

First, there is the simple fact the no one has messed with it yet. You know that you won’t start tearing down the truck and find that someone had done something ghastly that you hadn’t seen when you purchased it. There won’t be cut-off parts and spliced wires all over the place—if you’ve purchased an older modified truck before, then you know what we mean!

Factory Functions Still Work

Secondly, it’s nice when all the factory functions of the vehicle remain working. Customizing a truck or Jeep to suit your needs is important, but too often it comes at the loss of something. For example, how many 4x4s have you gotten into where the factory fog light switch does nothing? Chances are, it’s because there’s a custom steel bumper up front and the factory auxiliary/fog lights were removed long ago. While it’s understandable that they needed to be removed, why couldn’t they be replaced?

That’s why Fab Fours incorporates auxiliary lights that can be wired to your factory fog light switches to retain the same options that your Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Nissan, or Toyota came with. If the option was there to begin with, there’s no reason to get rid of it!

Other Options Can Be Retained

In the rear, you’ll find the same treatment and forethought put into Fab Fourssteel aftermarket bumpers. Precision fitment allow all options (like tow hitches) to be retained and don’t interfere with the functions of anything. Too many times, we’ve seen back-up sensors tied up to the frame on trucks with aftermarket bumpers. While this can aesthetically solve the problem of dangling sensors, unless you have an option to turn them off in your truck, it can cause an incessant beep whenever your vehicle is put into “reverse.”

It may not seem like a big deal, but after a few months of driving around like this, it can become quite annoying. That’s why Fab Fours has optional back-up sensor holes in their truck bumpers.

Fab Fours aftermarket bumpers only add strength and good looks to your truck, SUV, or Jeep. Nothing is lost by adding the extra safety and protection afforded by a Fab Fours bumper!

Fab Fours

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