Let’s Looks Closer At Fab Fours JK Tube Doors!

If you’re a "Jeep futurist" and drive a JK Wrangler, Fab Fours has some new off-road equipment just for you. Adding to their line of durable, custom Jeep steel bumpers, Fab Fours has recently introduced its JK tube doors for Wranglers that hit the trails hard. Available in both front and rear door versions, these doors offer everything you need in tube doors - and then some.

Aggressive Styling

Designed to fit right in with Fab Fours’ aggressive looking JK steel bumpers, fenders, and cowls, these new JK tube doors finish the look, transforming any Wrangler into an off-road Jeep with a look never seen before. Best of all, while they fit right in with the other JK accessories, they also look good on their own. These doors have more than just great style going for them. They are tough and functional on the trail as well.

Durable Construction

Made from continuous 1.5” full surround tubing, these JK tube doors are full-sized and use a standard, durable JK door latch. The door easily accepts both a stock mirror or an aftermarket mirror to suit your needs. These doors are more solid than similar doors since the tube runs all the way around the perimeter to create a strong and sturdy frame.

The JK tube doors represent a combination of the innovative design we always see from Fab Fours and their great manufacturing techniques, resulting in a door that is strong, functional, and reliable just like their steel bumpers.

Great Functionality

The highlight of the JK tube door is the no-rattle design, one of the main goals in the development of these doors. They are currently the only tube door available that closes securely and does not rattle no matter what type of terrain you encounter.

The Fab Fours design boasts better fit and improved door contact with the body, reducing or eliminating that noisy rattle common with other tube doors. You will never need a bungee cord to keep your doors from rattling again.

Improved Appearance

The no rattle design is far from the only great feature of the JK tube doors. The Fab Fours doors improve the look of your Jeep; they are designed with integrated front and back visors that visually lower the roofline without having to actually chop it.

The smooth bends in the cross tubing are perfectly positioned at arm height, adding to the open air feel of the door. They give you the weight reduction, visibility, and style you want and need in a more solid and sturdy door, just like the steel bumpers Fab Fours produces.

If you are thinking of upgrading your JK Wrangler to tube doors, the choice today should be clear. The new JK tube doors by Fab Fours look tough and perform better than any other door out there. A great addition to their full line of JK accessories that includes functional and aggressive Jeep bumpers, front and rear fender systems, roof cowls, and more, the JK tube door is the finishing touch to get your Jeep road and race ready!

Fab Fours

Upgrade To JK Tube Doors!