Love Off Roading at Night? Better Update Your Lighting!


Some of the most fun you can have off-roading out on the trail in your Fab Fours 2019 Chevy 1500 with that new Grumper you just put on happens at night. Darkness adds a whole new dimension to the trails you’re always driving down during the day.

To stay safe while off roading at night, you do need great lighting. To off-road and have fun, improve your nighttime off-road lighting using these tips so you can safely head out and enjoy the trail from a totally different perspective!

Types of Lighting

Before you go out and just start buying whatever off road driving lighting for your truck or Jeep looks neat to you, it’s important to know that there are three different types of lighting elements available: LED, HID, and Halogen.

  • HID – While HID or high-intensity discharge bulbs are the brightest by far, they’re also the most expensive.
  • Halogen – Halogen are also supremely bright, and moderately priced, but then can be more breakable.
  • LED – Light-emitting diode or LED lights are almost as bright as Halogen, more durable, and less expensive than both other options.

For most of you who love to take your 2019 Chevy Heavy Truck out on the trails, LED is your choice thanks to their durability and lower cost; however, you can still try the others knowing you might be replacing bulbs a little more frequently.

The Four Types of Off Road Driving Lights

Along with there being three types of lighting, there are also four types of actual off road driving lights you can install on your truck or Jeep: driving lights, fog lights, spotlights, and light bars.

  • Driving Lights – These lights are positioned in the front of the vehicle and point onto the road or path to illuminate what’s in front of the truck or Jeep.

  • Fog Lights – Designed for a specific purpose, fog lights are shine upward from the road and illuminate through fog.

  • Spotlights – These are lights that can be positioned anywhere and have a high-concentration beam to brightly light up specific spots on the ground in front of the vehicle.

  • Light Bars – These smaller individual lights are long rows of bulbs that can be mounted on the bumper, grille, or roof to illuminate a wide area in front of the truck or Jeep.

Choosing the Right Off-Road Lights

When adding additional lighting to your truck or Jeep, it’s important to consider your actual needs and how each type of light works.

Combined, you can create an installation that totally illuminates everything in front of your truck from the ground up:

  • Spotlights – Great for long-range spotting of obstacles in the field or for following the road edge and along challenging trails.

  • Light Bars – Offer increased overall lighting in a broad area in front of the vehicle like super-efficient headlights.

  • Driving Lights – Like super-powerful headlights, they will illuminate a wide path on the ground in front of the vehicle.

  • Fog Lights – Give you visibility when fog settles over the area you’re exploring.

Based on the above factors and where they can be mounted, you can combine different lights to come up with the perfect lighting setup for you!

Final Lighting Thoughts

Whether you only add extra fog or driving lights to your 2019 Ford Super Duty Grumper or go all out and install light bars and spotlights, supplemental lighting is important for night driving enjoyment and safety especially when off roading at night – and all those extra lights look pretty cool too!

Just keep in mind that off-road lighting is meant just for that and shouldn’t be used on the road due to the potential danger to other drivers. While you’re shopping for new off road driving lights check out our other Jeep, Ford and Chevy accessories as well!

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