Mod Your 2018 Jeep JL With A Lifestyle Front Winch Bumper!

Want a Jeep Lifestyle Winch Bumper for your JL?

Wait no longer - watch this video and follow along here as Greg Higgs introduces the Jeep JL Lifestyle Winch Bumper!

"Alright, as promised we're rolling through the JL products that we've got launching this month, so it only makes sense to start with one of our bread and butter products.

We actually pioneered the space breaking thousand-dollar bumper with the old lifestyle bumper back in 2007; this is the new version to match the Jeep JL.

So keeping with our theme of one-off, unique bumpers to go with the new Jeep, here it is. Got a little bit of a different rolling design that still integrates the fogs and turns that come standard included in the price.

You've got 1-3/4" 1/20 wall tubing, winch ready, accommodating up to a 9500, integrated solenoids, and per request on the prior generation, this time we are including a cover plate should you want to not start with a winch and have the option to add it later.

These D-rings are unique, kind of keeping with the style.

You know the OEs use a cast tow hook and we wanted to keep that theme to it yet go with our fabricated sheet metal.

So these are cut out of 3/4," one contiguous piece that's both a hook and a shackle mount for a 3/4" shackle.

Designed around a hawse fairlead but will fit a roller fairlead if you're going more traditional with steel cables.

This is all made out of 3/16" through-and-through and welded inside and out.

This is as strong as you're going to get with all that style that you've come to expect from Fab Fours!

Isn't the Jeep JL Lifestyle Front Winch Bumper just what you need for your own Jeel JL? 

Jeep JL Lifestyle Front Winch Bumper

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