Modifying Overland Vehicles – Getting It Right!

Overlanding is a great way to spend a week or even just a weekend off-roading in your modded truck exploring the land and getting away from real life for a little while.

If this is a real important goal, you are probably thinking about how to modify your truck to carrying all necessary gear, especially interested in adding a rooftop tent.

Before finalizing specific mod plans, consider these ideas to get your build right.

A well-thought setup is the sure-fire way to get the most from your truck’s 4WD capabilities and its cargo space in order to travel far and wide on a great overlanding adventure!

Keep Things Simple

As decked out as some overland vehicles may look, those experienced in the activity have stick to one primary concept - keep things as simple as possible.

Keep the engine stock and don’t add a lot of performance mods to the vehicle that could pose problems along the way.

Build an overlander based on what your stock vehicle plus a few necessary upgrades can handle in the worst conditions and go from there.

Remember, help is not easy to find out in the wilderness!

A simply-made and simply-equipped off-road truck or Jeep that is as reliable as possible and easily repairable on the go is the optimal option.

The more modified the stock systems are, the harder that is to fix.

What Is Actually Needed?

It may be tempting come up with a plan that includes bringing everything including the kitchen sink on overlanding trips; however, doing that is likely to detract from the overland adventure, not enhance it.

Think about what is actually needed in terms of camping, recovery, and safety gear and then plan mods like front winch bumpers around that.

Choose an overland rack that can accommodate things and then decide on the vehicle changes needed to carry it all safely yet still maintain as much of the stock vehicle as possible.

Focus On Tires and Suspension

Beyond the addition of a versatile overland rack and a rooftop tent, spend money and effort upgrading the two things that will matter the most on a cross-country trek: wheels and tires as well as the suspension.

From improved traction to increased ground clearance, the benefits of bigger wheels with meatier tires should be obvious for anyone familiar with off-roading.

A taller, sturdier, and more durable suspension is the next most important mod to make to help handle the rough going.

With just those two mods plus whatever else must be done to change the suspension, your 4WD truck should be plenty ready for overlanding.

Other Minor Mods to Consider

The suspension and tires may be the main modifications to focus on; however, there are still a few minor ones that can be added to your truck to turn it into an overlanding dream vehicle.

Install a camp battery on your vehicle to keep any draw from electrical equipment like phones, GPS, and even an air compressor separate from the main starter battery in order to run everything safely without facing a dead battery.

A snorkel and air intake system is another basic mod that can help protect the engine while crossing water and improve the air quality that is going through the intake.

Additionally, extra fuel is important and it is easier and a better choice to simply bring some spare gas in appropriate containers and strap them in well rather than extend the gas tank which must then be retrofitted under the vehicle.

Mind The Weight

Weight is always a factor for off-road vehicles, as too much of it can interfere with things like vehicle balance and center of gravity or add extra strain to the drivetrain and suspension.

It is an even bigger factor for off-road trucks being used for overlanding since you will most likely be carrying a lot more gear in the back than what would be normal for just standard off-roading and trail riding.

Between the weight of a durable overland rack and all the camping and vehicle gear needed, it is easy to overload your truck.

Keeping the weight down is one more critical reason to keep the modifications only to what is necessary while also keeping the cargo weight as low as possible.

Add A Great Overland Bed Rack

Of course, no 4WD truck can be considered an overlanding vehicle without a great overland rack to turn any truck bed into a well-organized cargo space.

Overland racks are the main support structure to put up a roof tent; however, they are so much more than that.

Since carrying cargo on the roof or above the roofline of a truck can affect its center of gravity, let that weight help keep it all in the bed.

An overland rack with plenty of adjustable tiedown locations offers an optimal way to do that while keeping all gear secure in the bed.

Build A Fabulous Overlander By Getting the Mods Right

If about to start working on an overland build with your truck, it is essential to come up with a plan that considers what is needed, what isn't needed, and how to securely pack all gear and equipment for long-distance off-roading into just one vehicle.

Start off with a great Fab Fours Overland Rack that can handle everything, then move on to the other mods like bigger tires and wheels plus a beefed-up suspension to get your truck ready for the trail.

By sticking to just the necessities and keeping weight and balance in mind, you will end up with a reliable and capable vehicle that will make overlanding the pleasure it is supposed to be!

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