Name Your Jeep October 2 – National Name Your Car Day!

It seems like these days, there’s a special “day” for everything including naming your vehicle.

While this may not matter much to the average car owner, we know that Jeep owners are a totally different breed.

You Jeep owners are a passionate bunch who regard your Jeeps as something more than just a car or truck.

In that vein, making yours stand out from the crowd is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

One of the ways to do this is by upgrading with Jeep JL tube doors, Jeep JL fenders, and other performance parts and accessories.

There are many parts out there to help you give your Jeep its own, unique identity.

Once you've done this, doesn’t your modded Jeep with Jeep JL bumpers deserve its own unique name? Of course it does!

On October 2, you can join people across the country on National Name Your Car Day by naming your Jeep.

Naming Cars - More Popular Than You Might Think

Did you know that as many as 25% of American car owners name their cars? It’s true!

As a matter of fact, Nationwide Insurance was so curious about this little detail that they did a survey just to see what this car naming thing was all about.

The survey suggests that owners between 18 and 34 are most likely to name their cars.

Women, who choose cute names, are more likely to name their cars or trucks in comparison to men, who tend to choose historical names.

What they didn’t include in the study is how many Jeep owners name their Jeeps.

We’re pretty sure this statistic is high since Jeeps are so special in comparison to many other vehicles on the road.

Maybe Jeeps need their own category because they’re...Jeeps?

What Should You Name Your Jeep?

Now that you’ve decided your special off-road champion deserves a name, what should you call it?

A name says a lot about someone or something, so you’ve got to find the right one.

Finding the right nickname for your Jeep will surely depend on its personality as well as how it looks and performs.

The model, color, and performance upgrades like bigger tires, Jeep JL tube doors, and other details as well as how you like to use it play a part in the perception you have of your Jeep.

While you’re thinking of ideas, consider these car naming tips as you try to find a name that fits:

===> Short and Sweet - A lengthy car name will get tiring pretty fast and aren't particularly memorable either.

Keep your Jeep’s name to a word or two so it sticks in your mind and sounds good being spoken.

===> Personality - Back to the personality thing - consider how your Jeep would act if it were a person and use that to help you find the right name.

Choose something that works for both of you and make you proud to introduce your Jeep by name to all your friends.

===> Be Bold - Above all, remember that this is an off-road Jeep you’re naming.

Pick a name that’s bold and adventurous, lets everyone else know you’re ready to master the trails.

Jeeps are rough and tough, certainly deserving of a unique, powerful, and memorable name that set it apart as the best off-road Jeep in town.

Don't Forget To Name Your Truck or Jeep on October 2!

National Name Your Car Day is every October 2, giving you the perfect opportunity to take part in something fun while paying homage to your modded off-road Jeep.

Whether you’ve got a stock model for easy trail riding or one that is upgraded with performance parts like Jeep JL bumpers and JL fenders, every Jeep has its own distinctive character.

Discover the personality of your Jeep and give it a name on October 2!


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