Need Maximum Off-Road Protection? You Need The Grumper!

When the time comes to upgrade your off-road truck with custom bumpers, you have several options. Most of you off-roaders want something that is going to protect your vehicle and looks great as well. Rather than adding a lot of accessories to increase front end coverage, you need the Grumper by Fab Fours.

What Is The Grumper?

Produced exclusively by Fab Fours, the Grumper is a revolutionary take on off-road truck bumpers that does much more. It combines the protection of rugged steel aftermarket bumpers with built-in grille protection, offering total protection for the entire nose of an off-roader.

Best of all, this protection comes in the form of a unique-looking bumper that is like no other. The Grumper draws attention to itself with its striking appearance and keeps people guessing about exactly what make and model of vehicle is being driven down the street!

Great Grumper Features You’ll Love

This laser-cut, strong yet lightweight steel bumper and grille combination is made to bolt up easily to your truck. It is constructed from 13 pieces of 11-gauge powder-coated steel that come together to build a cage around the nose of the vehicle. You can install the Grumper yourself or take it somewhere for quick, no-fuss installation. This bumper weighs a scant 75 pounds, much less than most off-road truck bumpers.  

The Grumper is designed to fit around a Warn Zeon 10 winch, which should be installed first. It offers medium or full-width protection along with a number of options for adding off-road lighting. The open, streamlined design also allows for greater airflow and offers better ground clearance than many similar off-road, aftermarket bumpers. “Angry eye” headlight cutouts offer important headlight protection and give your vehicle an aggressive look.

The Grumper has four inset pieces that can be ordered in a variety of colors, allowing you to create a tasteful, yet unique look for your off-roader. Whether you choose to install it all black, another monotone finish, or with contrasting insert colors, the Grumper will look amazing on your vehicle.

Now Available for Trucks and Jeeps

The Jeep Grumper was originally designed by Fab Fours for the Jeep JK. It received so much interest, the company redesigned it for other brands and models of trucks. This was great news for truck owners and Fab Fours fans, including those who saw the Grumper displayed on the Fab Fours SEMA award-winning show truck. It is now available for heavy-duty Dodge and Chevy models, as well as Ford F-250 and F-350 models. The line may grow in the future to include other trucks.

If you want the utmost in off-road front-end protection for your off-roader along with an aggressive, one-of-a-kind look - you want the Grumper. This aftermarket bumper and grille combination for Jeeps and trucks is available only from Fab Fours. It is strong, lightweight, winch-ready, and looks fantastic. The Grumper can be customized however you want and will set your off-roader apart from the others, giving you the best combination of looks and strength!

Fab Fours

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