New 2019 Wheel and Wheel Ring Combos For Trucks And Jeeps!

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line wheel with a modifiable, unique look that you won’t find anywhere else, the Fab Fours 521 wheel is the perfect choice.

Our great-looking wheel will look even better when you add one of 12 rings we offer to give your truck or Jeep a one-of-a-kind look.

Paint the wheel rings and create your own look, too!

Check out the 12 wheel ring options we currently offer in this video showcasing them all!

"Alright! You are looking at the Fab Fours 521 wheel.

Love this! Simple. Timeless.

We want to keep this wheel popular for years to come.

You don't want something in your face, it's not about the overall wheel, it's about the rings that are going to supplement these.

So this one, the bolts are already removed and we're about to take you on a journey through our first 12 wheel rings.

And a sneak peek you can see behind me - our own tires.

This guy's coming out soon, absolutely a dream come true for me to design our own tread.

So we got a 40x15.5R24 ready to go on an open-fender, no-lift 40" trucks with your wheel of choice and this ring journey.

BASIK - This ring is the BASIK and it's doing just what it says.

Very simple, so it's part of the logo delete series, it just has a scalloped perimeter so it's blending the 8-spoke normal FF521 wheel with a little bit of a rounded edge.

So if that's kind of the theme you want and you want to take some of those hard edges off, BASIK is for you.

KOLLIDE - We got the KOLLIDE wheel ring, the winner of the big playoff series and what you've got with this one is just kind of that shape of the star on the inside keeping the logos in play, accentuating them a bit.

Now it is a little bit of a busier ring, but sometimes that's going to be perfect depending on what graphics you're running down the side of the truck and how much of that color splash you want in and out of the ring.

REVOLVE - This wheel ring is the REVOLVE and the genesis for this is probably most likely to a street lock, beadlock interpretation.

Always like having those holes around the outside, in this case we have kind of a Cheshire moon with a half integrated inner circle, so you're getting that color splash but by and large, it's just a big, simple ring with an overall logo delete replacing a single cut logo coming through in color.

Keeps it clean and simple but gives it a good face.

GRAVITY - This is our GRAVITY ring.

This is more of a full-faced ring which I love because for one, it's going to get all sorts of people saying "well, how do you change your tire?"

You don't - when's the last time you changed your tire on an HD?

But if you had to, you're 8 tiny bolts away from getting in there.

What a full-face does is really change the overall attitude of the truck.

You can't tell always unless you're in person, but the difference from an ISO view when you've got the concave nature of all wheels versus a full-flush, it gives you the impression that you've got an extra inch-and-a-half of stance to it.

It's really cool and looks awesome going down the road.

GEAR - This is the GEAR, one of my personal favorites.

It's pretty cool, just giving it that shape.

Again, you've got thicker and thinner rings offsetting the color.

It's simple that it wouldn't catch your eye if you kept both of these colored rings close to each other like maybe it's a gloss and a flat, or you can go as wild as you want, you're still going to see all the cut logos around the perimeter.

These are gonna go on our Super Duty tow rig, probably in a black-on-black for an all murdered-out truck.

Really cool.

KAOS - This ring is KAOS and rightfully so, there's a lot going on here and you might think that's too busy but at the same time, it depends on the overall build of the truck.

I actually really like the way this one came out and the fact that you get the varying thicknesses of the inner ring and by the time you play this together, again you can go from a subtle, close two colors or you can go full extreme on that.

This is definitely gonna get your attention and being closer to full-face, it's still gonna give you that impression of the extra stance on the truck.

That will stop a crowd right there.

RIDGE - This is the RIDGE wheel ring.

So again, it's part of the logo delete series.

It's eclipsing all the logos in the perimeter of the wheel, very simple, but it's still edgy to go with kind of the inner style of the FF521 wheel.

Kind of gives you that mountain peak, goes with our theme of the cut logo and the opposing Fs over the mountains, ridges simple, very cool, and you've got a very thin border in here for a subtle color offset.

SLING - This ring is the SLING and in my opinion, this is probably the winner for this particular JK.

Really cool how it pulls off the colors and this is one of the rings that's supposed to give you the impression of moving while sitting still.

Love how it played out and you still have access to change the lugs, but it's closer to a full-face.

So again, you get that real cool stance as this sucker is rolling by you in an ISO view.

THE OG - And here, this is THE OG so this is one of the first rings that we developed, actually had enough time to even tweak it.

Love it; you get the full-face again, so while it is eclipsing the lug nuts, whatever, it's easy enough to change, you've got to pull 8 bolts if that should happen to you.

This one is giving you that full fascia again, so when these things are rolling through the parking lot, that is where they most shine.

And blazing down the highway, you get some of that reverse spinning action to them.

It's really cool.

There you go - the OG.

JESTER - Alright, here you've got the JESTER and it's actually hard to call this a wheel ring because it's very not ring-like.

The only one that's open like this and this guy, you're seeing all the way through, this is how they actually come packaged, black-on-black, flat, just leave it.

I really see this for just a crazy theme Jeep, whether you're building a Barbie Jeep and you got pink and white or whatever it's going to be, this is a great way to just splash color in here and have people scratching their heads, "what is on that wheel?"

Pretty cool - the JESTER.

SAWBLADE - This ring is the SAWBLADE.

Now this is one of the originals, we actually had this on our debut phototypes a SEMA ago and this one upfitted with some OMF Rock Domes, something sold separately that you can get, pretty cool though, for giving it an overall style.

Simple, claws, it is logo delete on the wheel logos, so instead of the 8 machined, you're just going to see these 4 pass-throughs.

The notes can be as subtle or as bold as you want by offsetting the color underneath.

There she is - SAWBLADE.

HEXED - This guy is HEXED, that might be hexagonal, too.

Either way, love this one for its simplicity.

It's part of the logo delete, so you're getting rid of the 8 machined logos on the wheel, you're really just gonna see our logo on the center cap.

You'll still have access to the lugs and it really gets you back to that stance and width of the wheel.

Love all these from a little bit of an ISO view as you're watching it roll away.

And that is the whirlwind for the wheel rings.

We have all the styles you could want right now and a lot more coming in the future.

So, everything from logo delete if you want to keep it simple to a full-face that's just saying "what in the heck is going on there," these are the next evolution to take that wheel level and keep that thing fresh; add the colors which are pulling the theme of the vehicle into it, and keep you original."

Have you decided which ring set you want for your FF521 wheels?

It is really great that you can get more than one if you want to use them on the same wheels!

Contact Fab Fours to order your FF521 wheels and favorite wheel ring set for your truck or Jeep today - and keep an eye out as we release new Fab Fours styles and tires!

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