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Deer Collisions – Why Off Road Trucks Need Aftermarket Bumpers!

Deer are beautiful and can be fun to watch out in the field from your off-road truck. They can also be really dangerous when they jump out in front of you while you're powering down a trail in the woods. The front and bumpers of your truck can really take […] READ MORE >


Do You Know How to Change An Off Road Truck Tire On The Trail?

Dealing with a flat tire is something that every driver should know how to do, especially those who drive their trucks or Jeeps off-road. If you spend a good amount of time on the trail, sooner or later you're bound to have to contend with a flat or damaged tire. Your vehicle […] READ MORE >


Choices – Paint or Powder Coat My Steel Truck Bumper?

When choosing aftermarket steel truck bumpers for your off-road truck, one of the considerations to make is whether you want it painted or powder coated. Some steel bumpers come pre-finished one way or the other or you can specify how the bumpers should be finished. To make the best choice, […] READ MORE >


Why Is Steel The Best Metal For Off Road Truck Bumpers?

Aftermarket truck bumpers are a popular modification for many off-road trucks and Jeeps because of the degree of protection they offer. Although there are a number of materials that bumper designers use, makers of off-road bumpers always choose steel. Yes, some off-road steel truck bumpers are fairly heavy; however, they offer […] READ MORE >


How To Take Your Off Roader Shift Knob From Boring To Bold!

One fun thing about owning an offroad truck or Jeep is how many ways there are to upgrade it. There are functional modifications you can make such as suspension lifts or body mods such as tube doors and upgraded fenders such as open fenders to improve its performance. Then there […] READ MORE >